The Sanctuary's Commitment to Service and Change

The Sanctuary’s Commitment to Service and Change

Our staff is an integral component of our holistic addiction recovery program

The Sanctuary’s Commitment to Service and Change. The Sanctuary at Sedona is committed to providing the finest holistic addiction recovery service available. We continually strive to learn what developing science can offer our practice. We are always willing to make changes as we see evidence of the effectiveness of new approaches and new techniques. In that way, our program grows and evolves as pertinent fields of research do.

Our team of professionals is each actively involved in their own personal growth and development as well. In fact, that is a requirement here at the Sanctuary. We believe that we can only help others recover if we are managing our own issues and maintaining our own states of health as we do. Our work is gratifying and everyone here has answered a call to be of service, but it is also demanding work. Consequently, we care for each other, taking time to process our own feelings and issues so we can more effectively help our clients. This allows us to be at our best when we care for others. That is our goal and our standard of practice.

These are just a few ways in which we maintain the high level of care we provide here in Sedona. Our holistic recovery program is truly comprehensive because of these things. We include the staff in our efforts to maintain an atmosphere of health and healing because they are an integral component of what happens here.

You will find that we have assembled the best of the best to work with us. They come from a range of backgrounds, each bringing a unique lens through which to view the needs of our clients. Their skills are diverse and top-notch. Together we create an integrated and multi-disciplinary team with a truly holistic vision and methodology.

Many of our clients come to us after having many, many hours of therapy elsewhere. We know there are countless highly skilled professionals out there that do what they do very well. What we can offer that is different is our dedication to a truly holistic approach. We are fortunate to bring highly skilled people together in an integrated system of care. That makes us very effective.

If you would like to know more about The Sanctuary at Sedona, we would be happy to talk with you and will respond promptly.

If you would like more information, about Holistic Addiction Recovery or any of our holistic non 12 step addiction recovery programs you can contact us by phone at (877) 710-3385, or by email at [email protected]

You can hear our director, Dean Taraborelli, discuss our program and commitment to service here.