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Codependency creates turmoil in our relationships and constant stress in our lives. Living with codependency is painful, and because of the denial, it involves, it may be causing you even more problems than you’re aware of. Underlying codependency are feelings of shame, rejection, and fear of judgment. When these get out of control, we may lose touch with our true feelings altogether.

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Codependency and depression go hand in hand. This often comes in the form of low-grade, chronic depression called dysthymia or persistent depressive disorder. While this type of depression isn’t completely debilitating, it can seriously dampen our ability to engage in and enjoy life. In fact, because it’s less pronounced, many people with dysthymia assume it’s part of their personality, and have a harder time recognizing it as a mental health disorder. And like codependency, depression affects how we think, feel and act.

If you’re struggling with this, you deserve to feel better. You deserve to heal and live a full, vibrant and exciting life. And the Sanctuary’s 30-day, alternative holistic depression, and codependency treatment can help you get there. Call us at (866) 750-0763 to speak with a counselor and start your journey to recovery at our codependency treatment center.

Table of Contents:

What are Depression and Codependency? | Who is at Risk for Depression and Codependency? | What is Holistic Alternative Treatment for Depression and Codependency? | The Goals of Holistic Alternative Treatment | Sign Up For Depression and Codependency Treatment Today

What are Depression and Codependency?


Depression is a persistent sadness that affects your ability to enjoy life. It often entails feelings of worthlessness, difficulty concentrating, and changes in sleep and appetite. Depression is more than an occasional case of the blues – it’s pervasive, lasts for at least two weeks, and affects your ability to carry out your daily tasks. This disorder can lead to self-harm and thoughts of suicide and should be taken seriously. Depression symptoms can include:

  • Hopelessness, guilt, and self-blame
  • Apathy or loss of interest in the things you love
  • Constant fatigue or insomnia
  • Irritability and difficulty controlling your emotions

Depression often co-occurs with other conditions, like anxiety, and can increase your risk for addiction when substances are used to self-medicate.

Depression also tends to occur as a symptom of codependency.


Codependency is a dysfunctional, unequal relationship. In codependent relationships, one person is constantly giving up their own needs for the others. Codependency is a very common theme in relationships involving addiction. This can look like:

  • Control: needing others to do certain things or act a certain way
  • Low self-esteem: deep-down feelings of inadequacy and shame
  • Defensiveness: internalizing others’ opinions
  • Communication problems: manipulating instead of being honest with others

If you’re in a codependent relationship, you might be very unhappy but feel trapped in it. This is because your sense of responsibility for your partner’s feelings and actions may make you feel too guilty to leave.

Who is at Risk for Depression and Codependency?

Depression and codependency can affect anyone. Still, certain risk factors can increase the likelihood that you’ll experience these often coupled conditions.

You may be at higher risk for codependency if:

  • Your parents were abusive. Abusive parents send their children the wrong messages about love. These often show up in our relationships as adults.
  • You grew up in a household where addiction was present. Studies show a strong link between substance abuse among parents and codependency in their adult children.
  • Your partner is addicted to alcohol or drugs. Codependents often struggle with boundaries, and poor boundaries lead to enabling.

Depression, in general, is more common among women. Dysthymia, the type of depression most commonly associated with codependency, affects over 5% of the US population.

It’s common for people with this form of depression to attribute it to external circumstances rather than seeing its real, underlying cause. This often leads to the thought that if only something in your life changed, you’d finally feel better. But true healing for codependency and depression requires us to look deep within ourselves.

What is Holistic Alternative Treatment for Depression and Codependency?

At The Sanctuary, taking a holistic approach to depression and codependency means we treat the whole self.

Codependency is an unequal exchange of energy: we give more out than we take in, until we’re completely unbalanced. Often, our society rewards this. But when we learn to give and take equally, we find that we can have healthy relationships, and the depression that comes from toxic relationships is lifted.

Holistic depression and codependency treatment aims to restore this balance.

How Does Holistic Alternative Treatment for Depression and Codependency Work?

Holistic means we see you as a complete person made of integrated systems, not just a diagnosis. Our codependency treatment programs are designed to guide you on a transformative journey to heal all parts of yourself. This includes therapies for your:

  • Mind – We’ll promote healthier brain function by using meditation and sound therapy to change your brain waves, and grow new neural pathways with the help of nutrition and supplements.
  • Body – You’ll “release the issues from your tissues” using trauma-sensitive bodywork and movement therapies.
  • Soul – Creative therapies and ceremonies help you reconnect to your true inner self by speaking to the soul in a language it understands.
  • Spirit – Our experienced energy practitioners will clear your energy field of imprints for depression and codependency, so you feel more balanced.

The Goals of Holistic Alternative Treatment

When healing takes place holistically, we feel well from the inside out. In this sustainable form of wellness, we don’t have to live a life of symptom management.

Our holistic program for codependency at The Sanctuary teaches you how to:

  • Nurture your own mind, body, soul, and spirit
  • Take care of yourself
  • Heal old wounds and face your shadows
  • Understand the roles you play
  • Deal with trauma
  • Transform your struggles into sources of personal strength

Ultimately, this teaches us to love and support those around us in a real, sustainable way.

Sign Up for Depression and Codependency Treatment Today

Many people who come to us for codependency rehab and treatment have never even asked themselves what they want; they decided a long time ago that it wasn’t important.

Is what you want always defined by, and contrasted against, someone else’s needs?

Imagine yourself being free from the stress of taking care of and controlling everyone around you. Do you want to learn how to be of service and give to the world in a way that doesn’t deplete you, but feels good?

We can teach you how.

At The Sanctuary, we’ve seen countless people who were trapped in codependency reconnect with their inner strength and free themselves of constant suffering. Here’s what our past clients said about their experience on this healing journey:

“All the different modalities are pulled together to form a magical healing gumbo that cuts to your soul and helps you to see your true path; to heal your soul sickness. Its magic is indescribable, and only those that have had the pleasure of experiencing it can truly understand. If you’re looking to discover yourself, and shed the limiting beliefs of your past, this is it.”

“The commitment to our recovery is tremendous. Each staff member brings their unique position of awareness, which unites as the collective in a very successful way. As I leave, there is nothing I’ve missed out on, nothing I don’t understand; there is only gratitude and a growth in true feeling that I had never before experienced. I am immensely thankful.”

This level of recovery – this ability to create an entirely new life – is possible for you, too. Our admissions team is available anytime to help you get started. Contact us today to learn more about our codependency rehab.


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