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Transition Aftercare Planning

Aftercare Transition Planning and execution is vital to any recovery and healing program, whether it is for addiction, depression, anxiety, or trauma. People have a profound experience in their 30-day stay where they leave feeling hopeful, healthy inspired optimistic and with many of their issues resolved. They have healed their bodies, repaired their brains, and recovered their souls. However, it is imperative to have an ongoing strategy for sustained health wellness, and recovery. Epigenetic changes and neuroplasticity require reinforcement and continued support beyond the 30-day residential experience.

While many programs have a limited approach to aftercare, such as ongoing medication management/therapy or daily 12-step meetings while working with a sponsor or sober living/IOP, PHP, etc., we recognize that some people may not resonate with all or some of these modalities, and for most people, additional support and care is needed. We have designed our aftercare program based on our holistic model and know that a person’s continued recovery is as unique as they are and must be designed with this as a primary focus. People also need to feel inspired and hopeful about their future. Being recovered is about creating a life in alignment with authentic self and core values rather than living a life of symptom management and being defined by past trauma, anxiety, depression or addiction.

Some Aftercare options are a month-long Bridge Program, weekly support calls and in-person alumni retreats several times a year.

The Bridge Program – Learning Sanctuary, Living Sanctuary.
A 30-day Aftercare Coaching Program for the Heart and Soul

You will change your life while at the Sanctuary. The question is can you hold those changes when you leave? We believe YES… with support. We know from experience you cannot do this alone and connection is the key. We are here to help.

Why Choose the Bridge:

You have invested a lot of time and resources to create the changes you desire and deserve. Enrolling in the Bridge program protects your investment. It gives you the relapse prevention tools and support to set you up for success.

You will feel at home in The Bridge Program. All that you have experienced while at the Sanctuary will carry over into the Bridge. The ongoing healing builds on the same foundation of the Sanctuary model and the same holistic template and practices will be utilized so you won’t have to start over with another program and can continue your learning and healing journey.

The Bridge uses an interactive easy-to-use online platform. You don’t have to put your life on hold to heal and to receive support.

Gifts of online include:

● Stay connected with your fellow Sanctuary graduates from all across the globe ideally deepening and growing your community for years to come

● Participate while in the comfort of your own home

● Opportunity to be in a program while living your life where triggers and activators are likely to happen

● Opportunity to practice your tools with the support of your sanctuary community and coaches that understand your process

Structure • Accountability • Community • Support

Essential elements for success

Your aftercare is not separate from your life, it is your life. During treatment, structure, accountability, community, and support are created for you. When you leave, it is up to you to take charge of your life. The Bridge is designed to do that alongside you.

The Bridge Process:

● Live & recorded meditations led by your coach 5 mornings per week. You will be meditating with your Sanctuary peers exclusively and will be introduced to a variety of meditations to support you in feeling grounded and peaceful.

● 4 Individual Weekly Coaching sessions facilitated by practitioners with a combined work experience of over 50 years of service in the field of trauma and addiction.

● 2 Empowerment and Interactive Group Sessions with your fellow Sanctuary graduates where you have the opportunity to process, share and navigate all the ups and downs of being back in the world.

● Collaborative Bridge Mentor Program – Each week you will be paired with a fellow Sanctuary graduate to help you stay connected, accountable and to have support from people that understand. This helps you honor your commitments, and follow through with your intentions and goals.

● Individualized Nutrition session with a licensed Nutritionist. You will receive ongoing support with being successful with your dietary changes and needs that you created while at the Sanctuary

● The Facilitators of the Bridge program are practiced and familiar with the custom program at the Sanctuary, They understand the healing modalities and practices you will have experienced. This creates a direct Bridge from The Sanctuary back into your life and provides a deeper level of meaning and relevance to all the progress you have made.

● The Facilitators are accessible. They reside locally, offer groups at The Sanctuary and participate in Sanctuary events.

● The Facilitators also offer the unique Sanctuary Alumni retreats which provides them with a first hand understanding of the experience of Alumni post-treatment.

The Bridge is a Learning Sanctuary, Living Sanctuary where we plant our gardens for the next chapter of Life. May our seeds grow and ripen so that we become rooted, strong and thriving.

Let Our Qualified Aftercare Staff Guide the Way to Being Recovered

Our clinical staff has over 175 years of collective experience in addiction relapse prevention, trauma healing, , depression and anxiety treatment. The Sanctuary Bridge Aftercare Program helps you with continuing care that best meets your needs, so you can re-enter life with the full support of practitioners you know and trust. 
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