Alternative Holistic Anxiety Treatment Center

Alternative Holistic Anxiety Treatment Center

Most of us manage some level of anxiety for much of our lives. Yet, sometimes it heightens to a debilitating point. We’re under pressure, inundated with negative information about the world, and many people are afraid. We completely understand.

At The Sanctuary at Sedona, we’re seeing more and more people who come to us because of chronic, escalating anxiety. Once you’ve reached a point at which you realize that what’s happening cannot go on any longer, you can truly open yourself to trying something new. Then, the healing starts.

If you’re living with stress, fear and debilitating anxious thoughts and you need help with severe anxiety, we know how badly you want to start living again. Our alternative holistic anxiety treatment program takes you through a comprehensive healing journey so that you can. Professional help could open the door to a whole new life. 

Natural Treatment for Anxiety

At traditional anxiety rehabilitation centers, an overwhelmingly common response to managing symptoms is the use of prescription medication, usually in the form of benzodiazepines like Xanax and Klonopin. While these may suppress anxiety symptoms long enough to help you get through the day or sleep through the night, the problem is that they may ultimately make things worse. Anxiety medications are habit-forming. When they stop being effective, and you’re unable to stop taking them, this can trigger a whole new level of despair.

At The Sanctuary, we believe that you can heal from anxiety — naturally. Prescription medications are not the backbone of our program. Countless people have come to us riddled with anxiety symptoms and found freedom through our holistic treatment practices. Our approach is integrative, meaning we take aspects of peer-reviewed science, complementary treatments and Indigenous wisdom traditions to create a one-of-a-kind transformative experience. This method ensures a truly personalized recovery that allows us to address your unique relationship with anxiety and discover what’s driving it.

Our clinical team is headed by a board-certified psychiatrist. We can review the medications you’re taking to make sure their use makes sense for you. However, prescription meds are not our primary go-to. We aim to encourage natural, holistic healing — mind, body, soul and spirit. Bringing your whole being into a state of balance allows anxiety symptoms to subside organically.

Types of Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is far more than just everyday stress. Here are the five main types of officially recognized anxiety disorders:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Those with generalized anxiety disorder have a persistent sense of anxiety most of the day, on most days. This isn’t necessarily triggered by anything specifically but does involve constant worry and racing thoughts that feel like they’re impossible to shut off. This type of anxiety can be so debilitating that it’s hard to leave your house or interact with other people.

Panic Disorder

The symptoms of panic disorder manifest in a very physical way. People with panic disorder experience recurring panic attacks, which can consist of:

  • Heart palpitations
  • Shaking
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sweating
  • Dizziness
  • Tingling
  • Fear of death

Panic is different than worry or anxiety — it entails a sudden rush of overwhelming fear and some combination of the above physical symptoms. Panic attacks can come on in minutes, whether or not you’re aware of what triggered them. And while they generally also subside within a few minutes, they can leave you feeling uneasy long after. People who suffer from regular panic attacks often develop avoidance or coping behaviors that allow them to escape triggering situations.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Obsessive-compulsive disorder has two main parts, and rehab to help treat this form of anxiety must address both:

  • Obsessions: These are things you can’t stop thinking about it. When you’re obsessed with something, it’s all you want to do, and it takes up significant amounts of your time.
  • Compulsions: These are the specific acts you do as a result of the obsession. While stereotypically thought of as cleaning, handwashing, locking doors, etc., they can be any type of behavior.

OCD is also often linked to eating disorders and self-harm, with certain rituals always taking place around these compulsive behaviors.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Post-traumatic stress disorder occurs when a traumatic event overwhelms your ability to cope. Not all trauma develops into PTSD, but whether it does is subjective and varies from person to person. This can come from an actual or threatened trauma — one you experienced firsthand, witnessed someone else experience or were exposed to the details of. PTSD symptoms often include flashbacks, hypervigilance, difficulty remembering what happened and avoiding things you associate with the traumatic event.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Also known as social phobia, this disorder is characterized by an intense dread of social situations. This is usually out of fear of being judged or ridiculed for doing something embarrassing. This can lead to an extreme avoidance of social situations — sometimes to the point of never leaving the house.

Anxiety and Co-Occurring Addiction

Anxiety and addiction often trigger one another. On one hand, high anxiety can feel so uncomfortable that people will do anything to make themselves feel better — and often, this involves self-medicating with substances like alcohol or depressants. But substance abuse — and the mood instability, chronic cycles of intoxication and withdrawal, and chemical imbalances that come along with it — also triggers anxiety.

When addiction and mental health disorders occur simultaneously, they’re said to be “co-occurring.” And because this is such a complex condition, those with co-occurring anxiety and addiction have a higher risk of returning to substance abuse if the causes of both aren’t resolved. That’s why it’s so important to address the real issues underlying it all.

At The Sanctuary, we specialize in healing the body, repairing the brain and recovering the soul. If your anxiety is coupled with co-occurring addiction, we can personalize your treatment program to ensure both these issues are treated at the same time.

Discover and Treat the Underlying Cause of Anxiety

While you may understand your anxiety, and may even have a formal diagnosis for your anxiety disorder, you may not yet understand the core issue that’s driving it. At The Sanctuary, we believe that anxiety symptoms are actually a secondary problem and that they point to a larger issue that lies deep within.

Our approach to healing anxiety is two-fold:

  1. First, we calm the symptoms of anxiety. We do this using a combination of bodywork, natural brain health supplements, anti-inflammatory nutrition, and psychiatry.
  2. Then, we dig deeper. We guide you to discover what’s behind the anxiety. This wounding doesn’t just live in our psychological reality — it also lives in our physical body, our energetic field, and our consciousness.

Our unique holistic treatment for anxiety is designed to heal you on all of these different levels. Through a complete healing process, many of our clients who were once paralyzed by their anxiety have been able to shift that underlying panic and change their lives as a result.

Why Choose Alternative Holistic Anxiety Treatment?

At The Sanctuary, our approach to treating anxiety is holistic — it’s aimed at treating you as a whole person. To us, this means:

Healing Your Body

Increasing scientific research points to the importance of our gut-brain connection: anxiety, to a large extent, is the product of inflammation. We use trauma-releasing bodywork, immersion in nature and a clean, detoxifying diet to help clear your body of the toxins that accumulate from stress, food, and environmental factors.

Healing Your Mind

Much of the anxiety is internally generated. As unresolved trauma from the past keeps replaying in your mind, your brain releases stress hormones that cause damage over time. This stress-induced loss affects the parts of your brain that allow you to learn, have new experiences, and feel engaged in life. Our holistic treatment for healing anxiety empowers you to awaken your mind and reconnect with your passion.

Healing Your Soul and Spirit

The soul thrives on connection — with nature, with others, and with yourself. But so often, anxiety disorders prohibit us from seeking out the very things that heal us in this way. Through eco-therapy, creative expression, and the beautiful support of our community, we guide you to restore your connection to what has been lost.

Healing from anxiety requires you to take control of your health — and our holistic treatment for anxiety empowers you to do exactly that.

Discover the Power to Heal Yourself at The Sanctuary

We understand how crushing anxiety can feel. And while you may think it’s impossible to change that dramatically because conventional treatment tells you so, we know that this shift can happen for you.

One former Sanctuary client describes their healing journey this way:

“I couldn’t have imagined spending my time in a better way than how I did here. All the activities work in congruence with each other and nothing is superfluous. I feel reawakened in a way that I have never experienced in my life.”

Contact Us Today and Take Control Over Anxiety

If you feel caught in a web of fears, worry and stress, it’s time to take control. The Sanctuary offers residential anxiety treatment that focuses on a more natural, holistic approach to healing. Whether you’re searching for treatment centers near you or want a beautiful, serene setting where you can recover, we are the right choice.

To find out more about how you can heal from anxiety naturally, effectively, and sustainably, contact us today.

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