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Alumni Retreat

Reflect Remember Release Renew Coming Back Home – A Retreat for Sanctuary Alumni

“If the light is in your heart, you will find your way home” Rumi

Upon returning back home, many Sanctuary Alumni report struggling to maintain their daily self-care practices and end up falling back into old coping mechanisms and addictions. The stress of day-to-day life, navigating relationships and the programming of old habits cloud the successes and insights gained while at the Sanctuary. A common theme is that people feel disconnected, alone, and unmotivated.

We offer retreats specifically designed for Sanctuary Alumni. These retreats create a space for connection, renewal of daily practices, deep personal exploration, and an experience of coming back home to your heart. They provide a unique opportunity to build a whole new community of people who have also worked the medicine wheel and completed the Sanctuary 30-day program and who know how difficult it can be to return home. The Sanctuary Alumni community offers a rare level of lifelong connection and support with like-minded people from all across the world dedicated to their own wellness and healing.

The Alumni retreats provide an opportunity for the renewal of body, mind, and Spirit. You can expect to participate in many of the healing processes that you experienced while at The Sanctuary: sacred sharing circles, consciousness-raising and learning opportunities, sound healing, daily meditation, movement/yoga, individual healing sessions, bodywork, breathwork, ceremony and ritual, mindfulness tools and practices, ecstatic dance and celebration. We also will take a special day journey back to the Sanctuary, walk the labyrinth, spend time on the land, connect with staff, and experience a Spirit sweat lodge. These retreats are offered at a beautiful location where you will be immersed in Nature and includes farm-to-table organic food prepared by a Sanctuary-trained chef.

We invite you to step away from your daily schedule and become inspired, grounded, empowered, and connected. Are you ready to come back home to yourself? Are you feeling called to do deeper work into your heart and soul? Are you longing for love and support from others in the community?

Sanctuary Alumni Retreat Testimonials

“I am so grateful to have been part of the first sanctuary alumni retreat. Jenna and Michelle are passionate about their work. It was obvious that a lot of thought and planning went into this retreat. They are both loving and compassionate, which made it easy for the tribe to connect body, mind, spirit and soul. I left the retreat with a renewed feeling of strength to keep me on my path of recovery and spiritual growth. 🙏❤️❤️”
Bill – New York January 2022

“The last retreat helped me so much. I learned new things and I re- learned some things I forgot. The sweat lodge was so great! I am registered to come again. This is an important part of my journey.”
Dawn – Tennessee, June 2022

“The retreat reminded me that I am not alone in continuing to struggle and that working the wheel is a lifelong practice. Retreat provided the space away from regular life and the structure of the healthy practices helped to give me a reset and reminder that it’s possible if I just take care of my body and connect with others”.
AB – Washington September 2022

“The retreat helped me realize how disconnected and angry I have been and how much I’ve been in survival mode. This retreat gave my nervous system a chance to settle, gave me time to reflect on what’s been going on with my alcohol use, and be honest with myself, not from a place of self-loathing but from a place of compassion. It has helped me remember who I really am and reconnect with the playful, excited, and connected parts of my soul. I feel less trapped and hopeless… I feel more capable of doing the work and making the changes I need to start living a life beyond survival mode. I enjoyed every single activity we did. I really struggled with the meditations and mindful transitions at first but as the week went on it was a good reminder that my brain is capable of settling and that I really enjoy being able to sit without needing to search for constant distractions. The group shares were also really helpful, the container has felt safe and allowed folks to be vulnerable. I so appreciate what you and Michelle have created. It’s clear a lot of thought, work, and love has gone into it. It was perfect and exactly what I needed.”
Kryssi – Long Island, NY September 2022

“This retreat will reset you and remind you that you have all the tools within you to face day-to-day challenges and remind you to keep your eyes and heart open to receive the love around you. My heart is full and I have you two to thank for that! Feeling grateful and fulfilled ~ honored to be part of this tribe 💕🥰”
Kari – Wyoming September 2022

“A key takeaway from the retreat is how easy it can be to start really loving yourself. It gave me confidence and strength to follow my intentions! I would recommend this to fellow Sanctuary tribe members!!! It is a place where you can recharge and get back what you lost when you left the sanctuary. You two angels were amazing!”
Ben- Sedona AZ September 2022

“I would absolutely recommend this retreat! It’s an opportunity to trim back wild behaviors and thoughts that have developed since discharge and both give and receive support to and from tribe. Sincerely appreciate the both of you and your efforts.”
Doug- -Lake Tahoe, California September 2022

Keep The Retreat Going

A 30 day online integration program designed to support your successful integration when you return home. All of the Alumni retreat participants report gaining many benefits from attending the retreat. They have also expressed concerns and fears about going home. Many of the fears include questions like, how will I stay connected, will I be able to integrate my new insights and new behaviors into my daily life? What if I fall back into my old patterns? The retreat does not have to just end. You are invited to keep the retreat going by attending our online integration program created to help manage all of these fears and concerns, as well as support you in manifesting your intentions and living your Soul’s purpose. This dynamic, powerful and transformative integration program helps you integrate everything you received and learned while on the retreat

Keep The Retreat Going Testimonials

“I’m grateful for this extended retreat program! My biggest takeaway is that showing up matters, and doing so consistently (just like with all our healthy practices, right?)…when any of us posted it helped me. Honestly, there wasn’t a single post from anyone that I skimmed through. Your photos and videos, even adding an emoji, helped me feel less alone out here, gave me food for thought inspiration, hope, or a much-needed laugh. So if anyone doubted that their participation matters, it really does! As participation waned I started doubting my own at times…kinda made me feel more vulnerable. I even deleted a video I’d posted in a low moment. It was a good learning moment of the story I was telling myself. Thank you, everyone, and bonus love to Jenna and Michelle for being our facilitators”
AB – Washington September 2022

“I really liked the Keep the Retreat Going. I really did. I really felt Kryssi was a huge asset because I loved her postings. She was so vulnerable and I would never have done a video like this had I not seen my peers do so. I took this process seriously and got a lot out of this. It was great because it really was a continuation of the retreat so… Why wouldn’t one do it? The assignments were great, they weren’t overwhelming…I realized I wasn’t making myself a priority. I realized that going on the retreat, doing all the aftercare is all part of the self-care and about what you put into it, you get back. I always put my stuff to the side and so this is helping me to stay focused on self-care which used to be a nasty dirty word to me.”
Melissa – Maine September 2022

“Falling back on old habits is exactly what I don’t want to happen – so that’s why I signed up. The one-on-one moments were by far the most powerful for me. Reading posts did make me feel less alone and part of something. I enjoyed everyone’s reflections and shares. My biggest takeaways from the program are that I am worth the extra time and effort required to keep doing this work, that I am likable, that my opinion is valid, that I can hold space and listen to fellow tribe member’s difficult moments and emotions (this is extremely difficult for me typically) that I do have “tools” within myself to come back to center, come back to the highest version of me, to sit with dark emotions and to ask for help, that I can show up as just me and it will, not only be ok but actually pretty great! that I can take time to truly check in with myself through meditation and sometimes just a deep breath, to evaluate my needs, to voice them calmly with love and honesty”
Kari – Wyoming September 2022


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