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As part of a holistic approach to therapy and addiction recovery, bodywork helps identify and release stored bodily trauma to aid addiction recovery. Through bodywork, we learn about and create emotional connections that help discover and alleviate the root causes of physical ailments like addiction. Ready to start healing today? Call us at (866) 750-0763.

What Is Bodywork Therapy?

Bodywork therapy involves connecting with the body on a physical and emotional level. Through bodywork, people gain a deeper perspective of their bodies, discovering old tension and trauma that might be hidden. Bodywork includes many techniques but often involves using touch to release stress with methods like massage therapy or meditation.

This technique rests on the knowledge that the body and mind are connected. During addiction recovery, bodywork stimulates movement to free stored traumas and enact healing. Moving the body in new ways helps free people struggling with addiction from old patterns, making it easier to break the cycle.

Benefits of Bodywork Therapy

Bodywork therapy can identify and reduce built-up tension, leading to relaxation and healing. Massage techniques often lower stress hormones like cortisol and ease muscle pain. When the body feels free and relaxed, the mind and soul follow. This therapy technique can help improve sleep, increase mental clarity and alleviate headaches. 

Bodywork therapy also stimulates circulation, which can help flush out toxins more quickly. This therapy focuses on specific trigger points to promote lymphatic drainage, flushing out wastes. Treatment can also make you more aware of your body and the sensations you experience, allowing you to embrace unpleasant feelings rather than seek relief through substance use.

Approaches Used in Bodywork Therapy

Bodywork therapy is a broad practice area, including many techniques, like massage, herbal and energy therapies. Here are a few common approaches used in bodywork therapy:

  • Swedish massage: This tissue massage technique releases tension throughout the body through kneading and long strokes.
  • Reiki: This energy-healing technique uses gentle touch to pass energy through the body and improve relaxation.
  • Cupping: Cups create a vacuum along your back, arms or legs to relieve pain and promote healing.
  • Acupuncture: Those who practice this technique insert thin needles into the skin to balance energy and stimulate nerves and muscles.
  • Therapeutic herbal baths: Deep soaking with cleansing salts or herbs helps free toxins and toxic cellular memories. 
  • Sauna: Sweat releases toxins to allow for quicker recovery from addiction symptoms.
  • Meditation: People use this practice to focus on their breathing and body to seek peace and heal bodily and mental pain.

How Bodywork Therapy Can Aid Addiction Recovery

This body-based therapy helps people recovering from addiction achieve an overall sense of well-being. When the body feels better, the mind and soul can seek a more profound recovery. During detoxification, bodywork can help stimulate the central nervous system and release dopamine, helping you feel better. 

Increased blood circulation and lymphatic drainage also help the body dispose of toxins. When these toxins leave the system, those struggling with addiction can achieve freedom from cravings and gain a clearer mind. When toxins leave the body, new treatment stages can begin.

Woman with a hand laying upon her chest during a hands-on energy healing session

How The Sanctuary Can Help

The Sanctuary at Sedona uses a multi-modal integrative approach to help people struggling with addiction find relief. We consider every person’s unique needs to create a science-based treatment system that resolves the root causes of addiction through techniques like holistic bodywork, psychology sessions and nutritional counseling. 

Here, you can benefit from expert care and a transformational therapeutic process different from many other addiction treatment centers. Get in touch with us or call us at (866) 750-0763 to learn more.

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