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Alternative Co-Occurring Disorder (Dual Diagnosis) Treatment Center


Addiction is often a symptom of a deeper issue that plagues the mind, body, soul, and spirit. For people struggling with a co-occurring disorder — addiction coupled with a mental health condition — these individuals often use drugs or alcohol to ease the thoughts and intense emotions brought on by depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues. At The Sanctuary, we believe healing and transformation can only come through a holistic approach to dual diagnosis. 

The Sanctuary at Sedona is a 30-Day residential, alternative, co-occurring disorder treatment center. Our alternative treatments include science-backed therapies, Indigenous wisdom practices, and complementary methods that work together to heal the whole person — mind, body, soul, and spirit. Our approach helps you move from being in a state of recovery to being recovered.

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What is Co-Occurring Disorder? | Holistic, Alternative Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers | How Can A Holistic Alternative Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program Help You? | Dual Diagnosis Treatments Available at The Sanctuary | Is Holistic Treatment for Dual Diagnosis Still Possible?

What Is Co-Occurring Disorder (Dual Diagnosis)?

A co-occurring disorder (also known as dual diagnosis) is when an addiction and a mental health disorder occur at the same time. Perhaps you use alcohol to numb the pain of your depression. Or, you find that opioids calm your nerves and ease your anxiety. Maybe prescription meds feel like the only escape from your PTSD or trauma symptoms.

A co-occurring disorder diagnosis can be an extra-challenging situation, because each condition tends to feed into the other, creating a synergistic effect:

  • Mental health issues can lead to addiction when substances are used to self-medicate uncomfortable feelings.
  • Substance abuse causes mood instability and chemical imbalances in the brain, which worsen mental health symptoms.

At The Sanctuary, we believe addiction and mental health conditions aren’t just symptoms needing a cure. Each issue is interdependent — one part of a larger, interconnected web that makes up your overall health and well-being. When one area of your life is out of balance, every other part is impacted. Physical pain leads to emotional pain. Spiritual depletion leads to physical symptoms. And, as is the case with co-occurring disorders, mental and emotional unrest can cause addiction.

That’s why a whole-person approach is essential. Holistic treatment accounts for your body, mind, emotions, spirit and other factors to help you find proper balance in your life and overcome the obstacles impacting your overall health.

What are Holistic, Alternative Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers?

You are not just a body, a mind or an emotional being. You are a whole person with interconnected systems. Mental illness and addiction impact every part of your life. 

Most treatment options seek to tackle one issue at a time. They either focus on healing your psychological and emotional health or helping you overcome addiction. The Sanctuary is not a typical rehab. We are a holistic, alternative treatment center offering help for co-occurring disorders. Our integrated approach involves multiple healing techniques designed to help you find total and complete wellness in your mind, body, soul and spirit. 

The Mind

We offer an array of science-backed psychotherapies of the highest standards of clinical excellence. During your individual therapy sessions, these healing methodologies help you examine your mental health and how it relates to addictive behaviors. 

We also utilize Western medical practices, like functional medicine overseen by our board-certified psychologist. This ensures medications work with our holistic goals of bringing your whole self back into balance. Western medicine is coupled with alternative treatments like herbalism and acupuncture that help align your mind with your healing journey. 

The Body

Addiction and trauma are held in the body, thoughts and belief systems and often manifest as physical symptoms. Through physical exercises like bodywork, nutrition and yoga, we help calm your nervous system, restore your body’s natural rhythms and prepare it to receive a deeper level of treatment.

The Soul

Your soul is the part of you that thrives on connection, creativity and acceptance. The toxic presence of addiction coupled with painful mental health symptoms can damage your soul. We provide alternative resources, such as creative expression and rituals that help reconnect your soul with the rest of you.

The Spirit

The spirit is your life energy. This energy body surrounds you and connects you to the energies of other people and the world at large. If addiction or mental health conditions have left a toxic imprint in this field, our Energy Medicine practitioners can serve as your guide on a profound inward journey of healing.

How Can a Holistic Alternative Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program Help You?

The mind-body-soul-spirit connection is increasingly acknowledged by experts in the fields of mental health and addiction. Sustainable recovery from dual diagnosis is far greater when the healing process acknowledges this bond rather than merely including it as an afterthought.

While the conventional Western-medicine approach typically sees addiction and mental illness as separate afflictions, holistic treatment takes into account how all aspects of self are affected. Holistic treatment for dual diagnosis looks not only at your mind but also your body, soul, and spirit as equally important components of the healing process. It understands that all parts of the picture must be brought into balance in order to restore you to a state of wellness and wholeness.

The Sanctuary is staffed by a team of humble, knowledgeable, and incredibly passionate therapists who see your healing journey as a collaborative endeavor. Rather than just treating your illness, we empower you to explore yourself more deeply and get to the root cause of what brought you to where you are. We then draw on our plethora of diverse therapies to heal those causes of addiction and pain, so you can bring yourself back into a healthy relationship with all the necessary parts of your life.

Our alternative, holistic therapies can:

  • Bring calm and balance
  • Help soothe the symptoms of addiction and mental illness
  • Make you more receptive to treatment
  • Move you past recovery to being recovered 

Dual Diagnosis Treatments Available at The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary of Sedona provides world-class treatment for people who are suffering from depression with substance abuse, and other co-occurring mental health issues. We do so using therapies designed to heal all parts of you, for a more thorough and effective healing experience.

When you come to us, we carefully curate a structured treatment plan using a selection of holistic therapies that we feel will best meet your needs. We then make changes as necessary to ensure you’re always progressing forward.

Alternative co-occurring disorder dual-diagnosis treatment at The Sanctuary starts by clearing your body of the toxins of substance misuse. You will then complete a detailed medication review with our licensed psychiatrist, who also employs a deep understanding of holistic care. The beginning of your stay with us will be focused on calming your nervous system and allowing you to adjust to your environment, making sure you’re completely comfortable before delving into any sensitive topics. Then, we dive deeper into what’s causing your issues and address them through our comprehensive selection of therapies. Here’s an example of a holistic treatment approach to treat and heal co-occurring disorders:

  • Mentally: Nutrition, supplements, talk therapy and mindfulness techniques can encourage positive brain change
  • Physically: Movement therapies, trauma-sensitive yoga and bodywork help calm the nervous system and release traumas
  • Spiritually: Energy medicine and creative therapies can clear your energetic field and feed your soul

Is Holistic Treatment for Dual Diagnosis Still Possible?

Even if you’ve tried treatment elsewhere before and found yourself back in the relapse cycle, remember that recovery is possible – and there may be a different way to reach it. Our previous clients say The Sanctuary is:

“A place to reconnect with yourself, other people, and whatever it is you believe in, on a deeper level than you thought possible. A place to go home. A place to integrate and find wholeness. A safe place to cry, laugh, scream, be yourself, and seek deep healing.”

“An oasis of hope for healing and reconnection to oneself, holistic and based on scientifically supported information.”

“The Sanctuary is a beautiful retreat that gets to the causes of your issues. You will learn so many things about yourself and how to cope.”

Find Healing Through Alternative Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

You, too, can learn how to resolve the issues that are causing your life to feel out of control, and free yourself to live the life you’ve always wanted.

If addiction and mental illness feel like impossible roadblocks, then it’s time to contact us online or give us a call at (866) 750-0763. We want to answer your questions and help you take your first steps toward a more hopeful tomorrow.

It’s possible. We can help you get there.

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