Alternative Co-Occurring Disorder (Dual Diagnosis) Treatment Center

Alternative Co-Occurring Disorder (Dual Diagnosis) Treatment Center.
A co-occurring disorder (formerly known as dual diagnosis) is when an addiction and a mental health disorder occur at the same time. This can be an extra-challenging situation, because each condition tends to feed into the other, creating a synergistic effect:

  • Mental health issues can lead to addiction when substances are used to self-medicate uncomfortable feelings.
  • Substance abuse causes mood instability and chemical imbalances in the brain, which worsen mental health symptoms.

How can Holistic Alternative Treatment Help You?

The good news is that The Sanctuary at Sedona’s holistic co-occurring disorder treatment program also works via a strong synergy. The transformative power of our program comes from the combination of each therapist’s unique, meaningful role in your journey.

Alternative Co-Occurring Disorder dual-diagnosis-treatment at The Sanctuary starts by clearing your body of the toxins of substance abuse. Then, we dive deeper into what’s causing your issues, and address it using a comprehensive selection of therapies. This holistic treatment approach heals co-occurring disorders:

  • Mentally, using nutrition, supplements, talk therapy and mindfulness techniques to encourage positive brain change.
  • Physically, via movement therapies, trauma-sensitive yoga and bodywork to calm the nervous system and release traumas.
  • Spiritually, using energy medicine and creative therapies to clear your energetic field and feed your soul.

Take Action and Call us Today for Alternative Co-Occurring Disorder dual-diagnosis-treatment

The Sanctuary of Sedona provides world-class treatment for people who are suffering from depression with substance abuse, and other co-occurring mental health issues. We do so using therapies designed to heal all parts of you, for a more thorough and effective healing experience.

One of our program graduates describes our alternative co-occurring disorder treatment center this way:

“The Sanctuary is a beautiful retreat that gets to the causes of your issues. You will learn so many things about yourself and how to cope.”

You, too, can learn how to resolve the issues that are causing your life to feel out of control, and free yourself to live the life you’ve always wanted.

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