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Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment Center. At The Sanctuary, we understand what it’s like to try all different ways of treating addiction – whether it’s inpatient rehab, outpatient clinics, AA or do-it-yourself approaches – only to feel like nothing works. We know what it’s like to feel so desperately lost in the spiral of addiction that the only thing that matters is quitting. And we also understand how that can feel downright impossible.

As Mike, one of our former clients, says:

“I was lost before coming here; I was shattered. And I didn’t even know which piece of me was shattered; there were so many different masks I was wearing.”

The Sanctuary at Sedona founder Dean Taraborelli discusses our unique non 12 step program for addiction recovery and trauma healing.

But we’re here to tell you that not only can you be free from addiction, you can also live the life you really want. At The Sanctuary, we’re not just about getting sober – we’re also about finding your meaning, your passion and your purpose. It’s not enough to abstain from substances just because someone tells you to. We want you to find something that’s so exciting to you, so engaging, that using doesn’t seem interesting anymore. And we know for a fact that it’s available to you.

Our holistic drug addiction treatment center helps you heal from the inside out. Using a four-part process, we guide you to:

  • Examine and change the belief systems contributing to your addiction
  • Explore your shadows and come into a healthier relationship with them
  • Connect to your passion and envision new possibilities
  • Execute your vision using the new skills and knowledge you acquired

What Can Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment do for Me?

The Sanctuary’s holistic non-12-Step treatment program offers a complete healing journey. As such, this journey is designed to address all aspects of you that are affected by addiction. Our clients find that our holistic recovery methods help them to:

Find calm.

We begin your treatment experience by downregulating your nervous system. This allows you to feel more settled and comfortable in your own skin. As a result, you’ll be better prepared to hold the changes you experience throughout the treatment process. Our surrounding nature, nutrient-rich food and caring staff further support you in feeling good in your body and at ease with yourself.

Feel safe.

One of the highlights our clients report is how welcome and accepted our family energy makes them feel. We don’t pressure you or treat you with distrust – we create an atmosphere where you can relax, because we know this is essential to your treatment progress. As such, we make sure you feel completely safe before diving into more vulnerable therapeutic work.

Gain perspective.

Addiction prevents us from getting in touch with ourselves, and creates confusion and chaos in our lives as a result. But after spending some time with us, our clients find that they’re able to see their situation more clearly and, consequently, better understand their needs. And once you’re able to see your addiction for what it is – not as a central part of your identity – you’ll gain a whole new sense of empowerment in your life.

Mike says of this shift he experienced at The Sanctuary:

“I finally had a moment of clarity, and I can see now. I had this vision in my head, but I didn’t have it in my heart. Since I’ve been here, I’ve been able to find the ‘me’ in my heart.”

Types of Drug Addictions

Our holistic drug rehab center offers healing from all types of addiction – as well as trauma, depression and anxiety. Some of the substance addictions we treat are:

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

While alcohol use is very normalized in our culture, its consequences are very dangerous. So many people drink as a way to self-medicate issues like depression and anxiety, without even realizing they’re doing so. If you’re concerned about how much you’re drinking, it may be time to look into getting some help.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine is a highly addictive drug. What starts out as “casual” or “social” use can quickly ramp up into addiction. Even weekend cocaine use can elevate your stress hormones, increase your risk of heart attack and stroke and alter your brain’s natural circuitry.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

While marijuana often isn’t taken seriously as an addiction, any substance we regularly put into our bodies can have a profound impact on us mentally, physically and spiritually. Chronic or heavy marijuana use can sap your energy. This puts out the fire necessary to drive your life forward and pursue your true purpose.

Opiate and Heroin Addiction Treatment

Heroin is an extremely physically addictive drug, and its severe withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous to undertake on your own. If you’re looking to stop using heroin, it’s a good idea to get help from a professional drug treatment center. A holistic rehab center like The Sanctuary can help you detox safely and treat the underlying causes of your addiction, so you can fully and sustainably recover.

Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Prescription drug abuse is rampant in the US, largely because of the over-prescription of painkillers and anti-anxiety medications by doctors with little training in addiction science. While commonly used, these drugs are extremely powerful and habit-forming – and stopping their use often requires professional help. Prescription drug addiction treatment at The Sanctuary includes a medication review by an on-staff PhD psychiatrist who can help you get things back under control.

Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment

The binging; the sleeplessness; the psychosis: meth addiction can be life-consuming. It can also open you up to interactions with dark energies, which can be very disorienting – something conventional meth addiction treatment doesn’t address. Non-12-Step meth addiction treatment at The Sanctuary includes energy medicine sessions with practitioners who are experienced in dealing with exactly this phenomenon. Full recovery from meth addiction requires healing of all its causes and effects.

Other Drug Addictions

Other addictions we treat at The Sanctuary include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Benzodiazepines
  • Stimulants
  • Smart drugs
  • Inhalants
  • Sedatives
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Bath salts
  • Synthetic cannabinoids

How Can Drug Addiction Treatment Actually Help?

At The Sanctuary, we know that it doesn’t really matter what substance you’re addicted to – the mechanism behind it is the same. Addiction is an external means to fill an internal void. And until we find out what’s really underneath it all, it doesn’t go away.

That’s why our holistic, non-12-Step treatment for drug addiction leads you on an inward journey to parts of yourself that mainstream rehab doesn’t reach. In fact, unlike 12-Step programs, we believe you can actually move past addiction and be recovered. But it takes an open mind, and a willingness to go where you haven’t gone before.

“All we have to do when we come here is open ourselves up to [the healing journey], and bring it into our hearts, and then when we leave here, use it,” says Mike. “Those aren’t the easiest things, but the way I feel now I know I will, and I know I can.”

To achieve real recovery, drug addiction treatment needs to go beyond mere psychological therapy and release addiction from your body, soul and spirit, too. And that’s exactly what holistic rehab at The Sanctuary offers.

Even if You’ve Been to AA Countless Times, We Can Help

We know that when you’ve been through drug addiction treatments over and over again with the same results, recovery can start to seem like a lost cause. But holistic drug addiction treatment at The Sanctuary is completely different. In fact, constantly encouraging you to see things from a fresh perspective is a fundamental part of the treatment experience.

Identifying as a lifelong addict automatically imposes limitations on how well you can be. While the 12-Step model views addiction as a chronic illness that can only be managed and never overcome, we believe it’s entirely possible to be recovered.

We’re so much more than a rehab; we’re a life rejuvenation center. And when you’re here, you’ll realize that the goal isn’t just sobriety – it’s for life to get better. This means:

  • You’ve identified and healed your underlying issues.
  • You’re not defined by a diagnosis or a label someone has placed on you.
  • You don’t use drugs anymore because you don’t want to.
  • You’re no longer a victim of your past.
  • You are whole and healed.
  • You’re free to be your most authentic self.
  • You’re ready to build a future and fully participate in your life.

“What happened at The Sanctuary?” says Mike. “I found myself. I found the authentic me. I’ve become whole. I feel whole. Or I know how to continue that journey towards wholeness, at least.”

There is so much more waiting for you on the other side of addiction.

Start your journey towards wholeness today – our attentive admissions coordinator is ready to help you. Contact us now.

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