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Body Image Therapy

The media and other social factors often encourage people to pursue unrealistic body standards. A person’s self-image becomes tainted, and they harm their bodies through various attempts to change their appearance. Body image therapy helps patients identify the hidden causes of poor body image and establish healthier self-talk. Therapy techniques can also reduce harmful behavior, including substance use, which those with body image struggles might adopt to escape their situation. Call The Sanctuary at (866) 750-0763 to learn more about how we can help. 

What Does Body Image Therapy Involve?

A person’s body image includes their perception of and attitude toward their body. A negative body image causes lowered self-esteem and other mental health issues. It can even lead to substance use disorders. Body image therapy aims to encourage body positivity and improve patients’ self-image.

Body image therapy falls under cognitive behavior therapy, a psychological treatment method focusing on mental health. Your therapist will explore what led to your current body image issues and work to rebuild your body image. Therapists also work to teach self-compassion and help patients recognize when they treat themselves unfairly. When patients adequately address negative thoughts and behaviors, they will experience relief.

Body Image Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Those struggling with body image issues often use substances to escape negative thoughts and emotions. Certain drugs act as appetite suppressants, and alcohol can induce vomiting. Some people use drugs or alcohol to avoid thinking about their feelings or eating.

Body image therapy can help patients with body image issues and substance use disorder. When patients gain healthier coping mechanisms for their negative body image, they are less likely to turn to substances for relief.

How The Sanctuary Can Help

Our caring staff at The Sanctuary at Sedona understand that many mental and emotional situations can build up to cause body image issues or substance use. Our holistic treatment methods seek to address root causes to create long-term recovery. For those who struggle with a negative body image, help is nearby. Contact us online or call us at (866) 750-0763 to learn more.

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