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Music Therapy

Music can significantly influence our lives, making it a valuable tool for therapy. Music therapy assists individuals in learning how to self-regulate their emotions and positively impact the body, mind and spirit. Our services allow you to choose musical sessions to support the self-management of your emotional needs.

Music therapy is the practice of using music in a therapeutic setting to help treat emotional and cognitive needs. It can be part of a treatment for various conditions, ranging from depression to addiction. You can complete music therapy treatment individually or as part of a group and do not need a musical background to benefit from music therapy — all individuals can participate.

Additionally, music therapy can encompass everything from listening to music to songwriting, playing instruments or singing and dancing. Our musical therapists use a goal-oriented, interactive approach to addressing patient challenges through music.

Benefits of Music Therapy Programs

Our program offers numerous benefits for individuals requiring music therapy treatment, including:

  • Allowing you to express emotions: Music therapy helps you understand your feelings and find a safe and comforting way to express them, whether they are positive or negative. It can help clear through the fog of emotion so you can think clearly.
  • Tapping into your memory: Music can help you remember more, including things you may have forgotten. It can also help you through any emotions that may arise as you process these memories.
  • Alleviating pain and anxiety: Therapy through music can ease physical and emotional pain. It is particularly useful for those who feel anxious or overwhelmed.
  • Promoting relaxation and wellness: Music also relaxes and helps individuals feel better and more aligned with themselves. This balance promotes mental well-being.

This form of therapy can often make it easier to bridge the gap between patient and therapist, especially in the beginning. Music has a significant effect on emotion, and it can make connecting with others simpler.

Is Music Therapy Effective?

Music therapy rehabilitation can be highly effective, especially when combined with other therapy and treatment methods like talk therapy, medication or cognitive behavioral therapy. Altogether, music therapy rehabilitation paired with other treatments provides the greatest opportunity to reach recovery. 

Music can also help during rehabilitation and recovery because it can become a hobby. A healthy hobby is helpful because it gives you something to do in your newfound free time or turn to when you experience increased emotions or stressful periods.

Music Therapy Programs at The Sanctuary

Music therapy offers numerous benefits for individuals from many backgrounds. It allows you to express emotions and pick up a new hobby simultaneously. At The Sanctuary, our effective and personalized music therapy sessions can help you through recovery by encouraging you to participate in individual or group treatment sessions.

If you’re ready to start music therapy, call us at (866) 750-0763 to speak with a counselor. If you prefer, you can contact us online to learn more about our music therapy and other treatment options!

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