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The Sanctuary offers you full recovery from marijuana addiction. Working with our multidisciplinary team of practitioners, who are each top in their particular fields, you create a new life for yourself that is free of addiction and free of the fear of relapse. You no longer have to live your life defined by addiction. In our old way of thinking about addiction recovery, we thought addiction was never cured—that, at best, it just lay dormant or in remission, waiting to be reawakened. With deep transformational healing, “I was once addicted to marijuana” rather than “I am a recovering marijuana addict”; along with “I am fully recovered from a marijuana addiction” rather than “I am recovering from an addiction to marijuana”.

Aren’t those remarkable distinctions? They mean you can heal and walk away from the notions of being addicted at all. You are free to release the issues of marijuana and addiction, never to revisit them except as memories. This is now possible because of the new addiction treatment science that our staff weaves together with the long-proven power of ancient healing techniques to form our Integrative Addiction Recovery program. Our holistic, non 12 step program offers our clients a deeply transformational experience.

The Sanctuary at Sedona founder Dean Taraborelli discusses in detail the nature of marijuana addiction and The Sanctuary’s approach to the treatment of marijuana with its integrative holistic addiction recovery program and getting to the root cause.

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Science Based Marijuana Recovery Program

Our approach is rooted in science, which has revolutionized not only our understanding of the world and ourselves, but our understanding of addiction and how to cure it holistically. Our methods are informed by therapies that are well researched and documented in modern science. This allows us, and you, to move beyond the old paradigm of addiction as a chronic, incurable and relapsing disease. We now know that addiction is not that at all. We also know that if we work within the quantum reality, you can walk away from a disease-centric life.

Marijuana’s Disempowering Effects

Marijuana addiction is typically slow to reveal its full negative effects, especially to the person who uses it. Like in many other addictions, the drug convinces us that all is well. However, marijuana’s harmful realities are revealed in profound brain changes that occur with its use. Numbed mental processes lead to apathy, passivity and lethargy. Basic human capacities such as memory, learning, problem solving and decision-making are slowed and diminished. Research has even shown that chronic use can cause measurable losses in IQ. Furthermore, prolonged use increases one’s chance of receiving a psychiatric diagnosis, having suicidal thinking and engaging in forms of self-injury. The drive, passion and motivation we need to create the lives we want to live slip away when we are addicted to marijuana. Marijuana addiction leads to a deeply felt dissatisfaction with life as well as the inability to do anything about it.

Full Recovery From Marijuana Addiction

Our clients have brought many questions and fears about marijuana addiction to us. We have exciting answers from science, our experience and the stories of our clients that we would like to share. First, some typical questions are:

  • What if I come from a long line of addicts?
  • What if I’ve tried many times to recover?
  • What if I’ve used marijuana so long I have damaged my brain and body?

Let’s explore this one by one:

What if you come from a Long Line of Addicts?

You are not alone in this; many of us do come from a long line of addicts. The exciting news is, however, that you are not destined by genetics to do anything you don’t want to do. This includes carrying on your family’s ‘legacy’ of addiction. Even if you are ‘genetically loaded’, with severe and incurable addiction in your family, there is no predetermined mandate in your own life that says you must become an addict, remain an addict or die an addict. You don’t have to carry addiction into your own life and the lives of future generations. That legacy can stop with you through applying what we know from biological research done in the field of epigenetics.

The science of epigenetics tells us that what we previously thought about our genes and our genetic destiny was not true. Genes are not, as we previously thought, the ultimate governors of our fates, but rather there is a higher governing force–our own thoughts, feelings and beliefs. This is hard biological science that is now well documented. It means that we are literally able to effect the functioning of our own genes.

We can turn the expression of our genes on, and we can turn the expression of them off with our own minds. This is a remarkable breakthrough in scientific knowledge. It makes a previously unknown, but innate and natural process known to us. It frees us from our previous belief that our genes determined our fates. We can now use this exciting information to break our ‘genetic inheritance’ of addiction. At The Sanctuary, we do precisely that and teach you how to continue to use this information for the rest of your life.

Chronic Relapse and Recovery What if You’ve Tried Many Times to Recover?

Many people have tried with great effort to recover from marijuana addiction, but have ultimately been unsuccessful in moving beyond it. Some have tried many times and with great effort. If this is true for you, you may be tempted to think of yourself as hopeless and a ‘treatment failure’; what is more likely, however, is that you didn’t fail, but the treatment paths you chose failed you.

The old addiction recovery paradigm included a powerful and self-defeating belief about relapse. In that system, relapse was expected and lurked everywhere, waiting for you to lapse into a moment of weakness. This belief was linked to another belief: that once you are addicted, you can never free yourself of addiction; you can only learn to live with it. If you have tried to recover in such an environment, it makes sense that you lived up (or down) to the expectations of that environment.

The Sanctuary is dramatically and radically different. We, too, have expectations. We expect that with the right environment and right applied information, you can heal at a deeply profound level. We expect, too, that such healing returns you to your authentic and whole self– vibrant, joyful and reconnected to a sense of empowerment, to all parts of yourself, to others and to the world. We expect you to fully recover from your marijuana addiction and to walk away from the possibility of relapse when you have this deep healing.

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What if you’ve used marijuana so long You Have Damaged Your Brain and Body?

All addictive drug use changes the brain and weakens the body. The Sanctuary works at all levels with you to heal these conditions. Nutrition is essential, as is exercise and bodywork. Working with the energies of the body and nature are important because it reconnects you to the life force and increases the vibrancy of your own energetic field. Challenging self-sabotaging thoughts, feelings and beliefs frees you up to take on life giving, nourishing and empowering ones.

All of this work changes the neural pathways in the brain. You leave self-defeating neuro-connections behind and forge new brain connections that sustain you in your recovery. The effects of marijuana use upon the brain are healed as you literally create a new neurology, mobilizing the brain’s innate plasticity and its ability to transform. The numbing and dulling effects of marijuana created neural pathways. Your recovery work with us opens new, enlivened ones, leaving those to wither with disuse.

Are You Ready?

The Sanctuary offers a gentle and profound life transformation through which you can fully recover from your marijuana addiction. Our Integrative Addiction Recovery℠ program addresses your body, mind and spirit. Our methods are non-conventional and very different than other addiction recovery approaches you may have encountered.

We believe that marijuana addiction is a symptom of a deeper issue that needs to be healed. It may be, for example, codependency, trauma, and depression, a sense of emptiness or anxiety. Our combination of ancient healing traditions, and quantum-based modern science, can help you experience biological, mental, emotional and spiritual recovery from such underlying issues. We do all of this in a small group of no more than 7 clients at a time so you can be assured of individualized attention and privacy during your stay.

If you would like to talk with us more about our program or our methods, please contact us.

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