Discover What Makes the Sanctuary Different

Located Outside Sedona, ArizonaThe Sanctuary is a 30-Day Minimum, Residential, Alternative, Holistic Non 12 Step Recovery Center
We treat Addiction, Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, and Trauma as their own diagnosis.

The Sanctuary at Sedona is a holistic, residential, non-12 step addiction recovery and trauma healing center, specializing in addictions of all types, depression, anxiety and PTSD. We are pioneers in the field of addiction recovery, being the first treatment center for over a decade to use a holistic integrative approach. Integrative Treatment is more than just incorporating mindfulness practices, such as meditation and yoga, into a traditional treatment curriculum.

A true integrative healing model has all therapies working together in a synergistic system, focusing on healing the body, repairing the brain and recovering the soul.

  • Science-Based Recovery Program
  • Integrative, Holistic Approach
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • 160 Clinical Hours per 30 Days
  • Trauma-Focused
  • Resolving Root Causes
  • Brain Upgrade Protocols
  • IV Drip Clinic
  • Small, Private, Intimate
  • Most Effective Continuing Care 
  • 22 Acre Campus, Designed for Recovery
  • Private Luxury Accommodations
  • The Best Organic Gourmet Food Available
  • Custom Nutraceutical Protocol
  • Residential Ketamine Therapy
  • Expert Practitioners in Energy Medicine
  • Licensed Independent Behavioral Health Professionals specializing in addiction, trauma, dual diagnoses, psychiatry, and functional medicine
  • NAD+ Therapy

Our 30-day minimum, residential drug, and trauma rehab program combines leading-edge science from western medicine with ancient wisdom and healing modalities in a way that delivers measurable results. The Sanctuary at Sedona does not advocate the use or non-use of antidepressants or other pharmaceutical medications. We do advocate the integration of holistic healing combined with cutting-edge psychotherapy, and neutraceuticals sometimes in combination with prescribed medications as recommended by our expert licensed psychiatrists and functional medicine physicians and practitioners. Our holistic program treats the whole person – mind, body, soul, and spirit by addressing the root causes and trauma behind the addiction, rather than following a disease model of symptom management.

A recent addition to our holistic program is our new IV drip clinic where we offer various brain/body/nervous system upregulation protocols. Included are Ketamine Assisted Treatment “KAT”, NAD, glutathione, and a menu of IV drips to support brain repair, improve sleep, immune-boosting, and nervous system regulation. While other medical providers may offer these treatments, we are the only treatment center where these are fully integrated into our program and each client’s individual treatment plan.