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IV Therapy

Why Consider IV Therapy in Sedona During Residential Addiction, Depression, PTSD, Anxiety And Trauma Treatment The Power of IV Medicine

Depression, anxiety, trauma, and addiction depletes the body and damages the brain. This leads to impaired decision-making, irritability, sleep issues, feelings of despair, and hopelessness. Toxic overload is not only created through substance use but also through the ongoing saturation of stress hormones caused by depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

In order for someone to have an optimal treatment experience, we discovered over the past 2 decades that the body and brain need additional nutrient support beyond our specialized diet and supplement protocol. IV drip therapies help people get more out of their treatment experience because they feel better faster and can go deeper into their treatment process.

Various nutrients are essential for the harmonious function of your body. Delivering them directly into the bloodstream allows the cells of your body to receive a direct and powerful boost of those nutrients, thereby restoring harmony and balance quickly and efficiently.

This allows the nutrients to have a more powerful and direct action on the tissues of your body while quickly correcting deficiencies and accelerating healing.

The Sanctuary offers Ketamine Assisted Therapy, NAD+, and Vitamin IV Therapy as an add-on with additional cost to Our holistic 30-day, residential drug, and trauma recovery program. All IV Therapy treatments are offered through our licensed on-campus medical clinic.

Mind/Body Reboot IV, Energetic Recharge IVEnergy Elixir IV Series (NAD+)

Need a Boost? This powerful NAD+ IV series will prepare your mind and body for optimal success, comfort, and recovery during your Sanctuary treatment program. NAD+ is essential for the process of energy production in every cell of the human body. Physical and psychological trauma, including substance abuse, deplete this vital nutrient. By boosting energy and mood while enhancing recovery and minimizing addiction-related cravings and withdrawal, our Energy Elixir IV series is designed to dramatically improve your healing experience at Sanctuary.

Learn More about our NAD + Therapy

Ketamine-Assisted PsychotherapyEmotional Reboot Treatment

Feeling stuck? Open your mind, expand your awareness, and increase your capacity for positive change and personal growth with our Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy program. Shortly after receiving a ketamine injection, you will be guided through a journey of profound self-reflection that can help you replace old beliefs and attitudes that no longer serve you with new, empowering insights. After the brief medicinal psychedelic experience, you will work with Sanctuary therapist to integrate these healing insights into your ordinary awareness to promote lasting positive change in the way you relate to your problems, your self, and the world-at-large.

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Vitamin IV Therapies

Vitamin IV Therapy significantly improves the health and harmony of the human body and is useful for promoting detoxification, immune function, healing, and energy production.

Learn More about our Vitamin IV Therapies which include:

  • Inner Harmony IV: Inner Harmony IV (Vitamin C, B-Complex, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium)
  • Immunity IV: Inner Harmony IV + extra Vit C + zinc, selenium, acetylcysteine (aka Immune Revitalizer: Immune Elixir IV, Immune Boost IV) Concerned about immune function? Recharge your immune system
  • Renourishment IV: (Inner Harmony IV + B12 + amino acids)
  • Cleanse & Protect IV (Glutathione Push)

Learn More about our Vitamin IV Therapies

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