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Our Clients’ Successes Are Our Successes

We are grateful to do the work that we do and to help amazing clients from all over the world to be recovered from addiction, trauma and other disorders. Our work has received support from leading-edge thought leaders in holistic health and wellness. More importantly, our clients consistently praise the quality of our services and note the positive, transformational impact their time at The Sanctuary had on their lives.

Client Satisfaction

Every client completes a thorough client satisfaction questionnaire at the time of their departure. We also surveyed all former clients of The Sanctuary. We had a 25% response rate (2.5 times the average response rate across all industries). The survey had 18 questions regarding our clients’ experience at The Sanctuary.

Here are some of our results:


Of our clients are completely or mostly satisfied with the services at The Sanctuary at Sedona


Of our former clients said that the quality of their lives improved following their treatment at The Sanctuary


Of our clients said that they use the knowledge and tools for a healthy life gained at The Sanctuary – nearly 70% of them said that you use them DAILY

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In Addition to Overall Improvement in Quality of Life:

98% of our clients said that your sense of purpose of meaning in life improved.

98% of our clients said that the quality of your interpersonal relationships improved.

98% of our clients said that your ability to cope with emotions improved.

96% of our clients said that your feelings of optimism improved.

94% of our clients said that your feelings of self-worth and gratitude have improved.

Over 90% of Our Clients also Experienced Improvement in:

  • Their feeling of connection with something greater energetically and spiritually;
  • Their ability to feel your emotions;
  • Their use of relaxation skills to deal with stress or triggers; and
  • Their reaching out for help and support when needed

Our Views on Success in Integrative Addiction Recovery

Measuring Success in Addiction Rehabilitation

Success is the Norm


Statistics are impressive, but sometimes it is better to hear what our clients have to say in their own words. Here is some feedback we have received from former clients and loved ones about their experience at The Sanctuary.

The Science

Still looking for more information on the success of our program? Please review the information about the science behind our program.

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