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Our Team of Addiction & Trauma Recovery Experts

Our experienced team combines practical skills, education, and experience with dedication, passion, and heart.

Our Leadership & Clinical Teams

  • Dean Taraborelli, B.A.
    Dean Taraborelli, B.A.
    Founder, Administrator
  • Kelley Alexander, J.D.
    Kelley Alexander, J.D.
    Program Director, Director of Complementary Health
  • Mary L. Delduca, M.D.
    Mary L. Delduca, M.D.
    Medical Director, Psychiatrist
  • Janie Popour-Hogue, LPC
    Janie Popour-Hogue, LPC
    Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Brett Forrest Shenkman N.D.
    Brett Forrest Shenkman N.D.
    Naturopathic Physician
  • Sheri Stewart
    Sheri Stewart
    AZ Licensed RN
  • Victoria Abel, MA, MNT
    Victoria Abel, MA, MNT
    Addiction Nutritionist
  • Ruby Parker
    Ruby Parker
    Director of Complementary Health, Practitioner
  • Tomas Winn, MS
    Tomas Winn, MS
    HeartMath, Complementary Health Practitioner

Our Support Team

  • Tommy Baxter
    Tommy Baxter
  • Deborah Leigh Collins LMT
    Deborah Leigh Collins LMT
    Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Harry Danilevics
    Harry Danilevics
  • Cheryl Good
    Cheryl Good
    Complementary Health Practitioner
  • Lily Hanks
    Lily Hanks
    Complementary Health Practitioner
  • Rori and Kyle Hawkins
    Rori and Kyle Hawkins
    Sound Healers
  • Shannon Henesey
    Shannon Henesey
  • Karen Hoza
    Karen Hoza
    Complementary Health Practitioner
  • Sarah Jetton
    Sarah Jetton
    Garden Manager
  • Chris Kalinich, BS, BCHN®️
    Chris Kalinich, BS, BCHN®️
    Holistic Nutritionist
  • Heather LeMert LMT
    Heather LeMert LMT
    Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Taylor LoDico
    Taylor LoDico
    Complementary Health, Practitioner
  • Lauren Maizlish
    Lauren Maizlish
    Complementary Health Practitioner
  • Naomi Martnick
    Naomi Martnick
    Yoga Instructor
  • Lema Mikkelsen
    Lema Mikkelsen
  • Dana Morehouse
    Dana Morehouse
    Office Manager
  • Candace McGinnis Beringer LMT
    Candace McGinnis Beringer LMT
    Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Hillary Metz
    Hillary Metz
    Complementary Health Practitioner
  • Holly Mischell Miely LMT
    Holly Mischell Miely LMT
    Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Joshua Robinson
    Joshua Robinson
    Facilities Manager
  • Thomas Rozinski
    Thomas Rozinski
    Complementary Health Practitioner
  • Alex Rozinski
    Alex Rozinski
    Complementary Health Practitioner
  • Ryan Daniel  Schumacher
    Ryan Daniel Schumacher
    Landscape Maintenance, Design, Earth Worker
  • Mark Short
    Mark Short
    Marketing Director
  • Lisa Starr
    Lisa Starr
    Resident Care Coordinator
  • Gloria Taraborelli
    Gloria Taraborelli
    Wisdom Keeper of the Sanctuary
  • Summer Twist
    Summer Twist
    Alumni Coordinator
  • Deborah Williams
    Deborah Williams
    Yoga Instructor
  • Kelty Wilton
    Kelty Wilton
    Complementary Health Practitioner
  • Mariko Yamamoto
    Mariko Yamamoto
    Breathwork Facilitator

Admissions Coordinators

  • Mary Braun
    Mary Braun
    Admissions Coordinator
  • Rori Hawkins
    Rori Hawkins
    Admissions Coordinator
  • Kyle Hawkins
    Kyle Hawkins
    Admissions Coordinator

After Care Team

  • Michelle McClatchie, MA, LPC
    Michelle McClatchie, MA, LPC
    Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Jenna Israel, MA, LPC
    Jenna Israel, MA, LPC
    Licensed Professional Counselor

All complementary health practitioners provide service with clinical oversight by a licensed behavioral health professional 


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