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Ruby Parker photo

Ruby Parker

Director of Complementary Health, Practitioner

Ruby’s life-long studies of the healing arts along with her generous heart and spirit touch every person she meets in a profound way. Her extensive healing career spans over 20 years, bestowing her with a multi-faceted therapeutic and loving approach. Her varied experience includes work as a massage therapist, Reiki master, personal counselor, and Energy Medicine practitioner. In addition, she is a graduate of the Four Winds Society Light Body School and Masters Certification program in Energy Medicine; is currently a member of the teaching staff at Four Winds. Walking the path as an Energy Healer, her endeavor is to connect body, mind and spirit and accomplishes this through a deep devotion to her practice, an intuitive sensitivity, and a compassionate understanding of those struggling through a dark night of the soul. Ruby’s years of experience and passion for helping others overcome their problems makes her an invaluable practitioner at the Sanctuary.