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Sexual Trauma Therapy

Abuse survivors may find seeking support for sexual abuse scary and anxiety-provoking. Talking about an incredible trauma may be challenging, but it is vital to a survivor’s processing and healing journey. Sharing experiences with a professional may help with healing and understanding. 

A survivor’s journey, stories, and healing are unique, but they’re not alone in their experiences or abuse. Sexual trauma therapy is a powerful and personalized therapy helping transform pain into a source of strength. Ready to start healing today? Call us at (866) 750-0763.

Why Is Sexual Trauma Therapy Important for Healing?

Therapy for sexual abuse survivors is important to understand the complexity of the trauma. No matter the perceived severity of the abuse, trauma significantly influences our perception of ourselves, others and the world. Sexual abuse healing therapy is designed to help:

  • Release painful emotions: Some survivors repress emotions to cope. Healing therapy can help individuals express feelings in a way that doesn’t cause retraumatization or regression. Mindful techniques can aid recovery and help validate thoughts and emotions.
  • Find support structures: Taking the courageous step toward a healing journey gives trauma survivors access to healthy resources, support groups and safe places to share experiences and emotions without judgment. 
  • Recognize defense mechanisms: Survivors may develop coping strategies that make their lives more difficult. These individuals may shy from relationships or struggle to implement healthy boundaries. Sexual trauma therapy can help survivors recognize thought patterns and create self-awareness to manage relationships and intimacy effectively.
  • Symptom management: Trauma therapy helps deal with painful and powerful emotions like rage, guilt and shame, fostering hope and healing.

Techniques Used in Sexual Abuse Trauma Therapy

If you are searching for answers on how to recover from sexual abuse, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, sexual abuse happens more often than people realize. At The Sanctuary at Sedona, sexual abuse therapy involves working with a professional therapist with extensive experience and cultivating a safe space for survivors to express their emotions, feelings and experiences without judgment.

The therapist assists the survivor:

  • Identify emotions: Therapy will delve into the survivor’s thoughts, beliefs and feelings associated with the trauma, building a foundation and processing in healthy ways.
  • Cultivate coping strategies: Sexual abuse survivors often use unhealthy coping strategies and struggle with feelings of loneliness, anxiety, depression and other negative emotions. Therapy will help establish constructive methods to deal with trauma.
  • Develop healthy relationships: Survivors of sexual abuse may struggle with trust issues and forming healthy relationships. Therapists help survivors develop healthy boundaries, communication tools and other techniques to foster and maintain wholesome relationships. 
  • Reclaim their sexual sovereignty: Healing therapy helps survivors move from sexual shutdown to a space where they can express and experience their authentic selves. 

How The Sanctuary at Sedona Can Assist

The Sanctuary at Sedona is a holistic sexual abuse treatment center with private luxury accommodations. Our licensed Independent Behavioral Health Professionals specialize in trauma and healing.

Our approaches can help you find strength, understanding and healing. 

Contact us to learn about our holistic and integrative sexual abuse trauma therapy, or call us at (866) 750-0763.

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