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Recovery Coaching

If you need an encouraging partner to work with you on the road to recovery from addiction, trauma or depression, recovery coaches provide a solution. These professionals work with you during and after a residential recovery program to establish healthy habits and deal with any challenges that life might bring. Call us at (866) 750-0763 to speak with a professional today.

What Is Recovery Coaching?

Recovery coaching works similarly to life coaching. Both involve a dedicated partnership between a client and coach. This partnership allows clients to benefit from aid that helps develop their professional and personal potential. Coaches act like dedicated guides and mentors, not sponsors, doctors or therapists.

Recovery coaching can address many needs, from substance use to depression. Coaches work with people to discover triggers, organize their lives, form beneficial relationships and meet professional goals. Those who work with a coach receive support and expertise on their healing journey.

  • Consistent support: Coaches regularly check your progress and encourage you to continue healing.
  • Regular availability: A recovery coach provides support around the clock, so you can face the unexpected with someone by your side.
  • Access to resources: You receive expert guidance to find resources that help you stay sober or heal from depression or trauma.
  • Multiple wellness goals: Rather than focusing only on recovery from addiction, coaches can help people meet objectives in their personal lives or at work.

The Role of a Recovery Coach

Recovery coaches help those with addiction navigate life while sober and support others recovering from mental disorders. Here are a few tasks recovery coaches perform to help you recover:

  • Helping identify triggers and develop strategies to avoid them
  • Providing guidance and advice for those developing life goals
  • Finding friends and romantic partners that support recovery
  • Encouraging success at work by talking through challenges
  • Reorganizing your life through decluttering and financial help
  • Lending emotional support on difficult days
  • Easing the transition from a residential program back to daily life
  • Helping make critical decisions that may impact your life

Recovery Coaching to Overcome Addiction

Addiction arises from many factors that surround people in everyday life. Stress at work or a lack of focus on physical health might lead people to use substances for support. During a recovery program, individuals stay separate from these stressors, allowing them to begin fresh. Reentering daily life poses a challenge as old pain and struggles resurface.

Recovery coaches help you establish and stick to healthy habits. They also provide support through life’s events so you can learn to adopt a new lifestyle and cope with changing circumstances. With a partner on your side through the recovery process, you have someone to rely on as you get and stay healthy.

The Sanctuary Can Guide Your Path to Recovery

With caring support during your residential care and after you return home, The Sanctuary at Sedona provides a comprehensive approach to recovery. Recovery coaches help develop healthy routines that heal the body, mind and spirit, giving you transformation and new life. Call us at (866) 750-0763 to learn more about this service or our whole program.

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