Non-12 Step Holistic Treatment

Non-12 Step Holistic Treatment. We understand what it feels like to try again and again to “fix” what you feel might be “wrong with you,” but keep running into the same wall. Repeatedly trying to treat addictions using similar approaches can start to feel like you’re just doing the same thing over and over – which, when you’re in a state of depression, only adds to the sense of hopelessness. If you’ve tried everything you can but still find yourself in cycles of relapse, you may get the sense that something is missing, even if you’re not sure what, exactly, it is. You know that something else needs to be done – something truly different from what you already know is not working.

The good news is that there’s nothing wrong with you. What you’re going through is actually quite a common experience of those in 12-Step addiction treatment. Because we’re told that addiction is a chronically relapsing disease, we come to believe it, and our experience of it reflects that. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Sanctuary at Sedona is not your average rehab. When you first arrive at our non-12 Step treatment center, the first few days will be spent calming your nerves clearing your body of whatever substances and toxins are in your system. You’ll ease into a simpler pace of life at our facility in the beautiful nature of Sedona. And by the time you’re a couple of weeks into treatment, you’ll start to notice a change in perspective. You’ll gain a new outlook on life, on what got you to where you are and on what you’re truly capable of.

One of our previous clients describes the change he went through at The Sanctuary this way:

“This place and all the practitioners, the community and everyone who comes here – this isn’t a ‘normal’ place to come for healing. Six weeks in, I was starting to feel like a million bucks. I stayed for eight weeks, and I was able to change so much about myself; so much about how I think; to kind of obliterate my negative thinking. I really changed who I was and destroyed some core beliefs. I was stuck in that depressive phase for so long that I didn’t understand that concept of change… but once you make that first step, you can actually unlock whatever you’re trying to. If anyone has just the smallest willingness, and they do it, life can drastically change. This place taught me how to change, and supported me in doing it. I changed because I got the best support that I could ever wish for. This place really saved my life.” 

We know from our experience of helping so many others attain full recovery that this is possible for you, too.

What Makes Non-12 Step Holistic Treatment Unique?

The first rule of the 12 Steps states: “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable.” This inherent belief in powerlessness sends the message that no matter what you do or how long you’re sober, you’ll never be able to free yourself from addiction.

We believe you can.

In fact, there’s a possibility that this belief is the reason previous attempts at staying sober may have failed. That’s because it imposes a limitation on your ability to get well, which stops you from progressing beyond a certain point. At our non-12 Step addiction treatment center, you’ll learn how your thoughts and beliefs influence your behaviors – and therefore the outcomes in your life. And you’ll learn how to harness this new knowledge to advance your recovery beyond where you ever thought possible.

What if I’ve Been Through AA Multiple Times?

If you’ve been through inpatient addiction treatment, 12-Step based programs, AA meetings or any other form of addiction treatment before and still found yourself back at square one, that’s completely okay. This is a normal part of the road to recovery for so many people.

Though this can start to feel like a helpless cycle, one of life’s greatest gifts is that there’s always another day, and another chance to try things a new way. 

You might be surprised to learn that over 90% of people who complete conventional addiction treatment programs end up relapsing at some point. Does this mean that all these people are irreparable? No. We believe that the problem lies not in some inherent character flaw, but in the way, addiction is typically treated.

Mainstream rehab is still based on a model created in the 1930s. But modern-day addiction science tells us that so much more is possible than was previously believed. Your brain and your genetic expression are capable of dramatic change – and our non-12 Step treatment for addiction takes a comprehensive approach to activating your natural healing abilities.

How Does Non-12 Step Holistic Treatment Work?

Many conventional rehab centers now offer complementary therapies like yoga and meditation. These are wonderful practices that can be very supportive to recovery.

But at The Sanctuary, we don’t just offer alternative therapies as afterthoughts or add-ons. Our program is equally based on mental, physical, emotional, and energetic approaches to improving health. And each of these aspects of healing is integrated into a highly organized program that elevates your recovery progress. To us, “holistic” means a complete experience that views you as a whole person and helps you make a significant transition into the next phase of your life.

This is achieved through a combination of therapies, which can include:

  • Nutrition education and recovery-focused diet
  • Energy medicine therapies
  • Guided imagery
  • Music therapy
  • Expressive art therapies
  • Sound healing therapy
  • Movement therapy
  • Eco-therapy
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Bodywork
  • Yoga
  • Exercise
  • Rites of passage
  • Creative visualization
  • Addiction recovery science workshops
  • Emotional self-regulation skills
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Somatic experiencing (SEP)
  • Acceptance commitment therapy (ACT)
  • Holotropic breathwork
  • Body image therapies
  • Gestalt
  • Inner child therapy
  • Depth psychology
  • HeartMath and biofeedback
  • Brain mapping
  • Jungian shadow work
  • Couples and family therapy
  • Trauma release exercise (TRE)
  • Individual and group process therapy
  • Recovery coaching

… and more. Our practitioners are highly skilled in their areas of expertise and will work with you to customize a program that makes the most sense for who you are and what you need.

Who Benefits Most from Non-12 Step Holistic Treatment?

Non-12 Step recovery can be for anyone, and we intentionally design our program to make it inclusive for people of all different backgrounds. We welcome all religions, spiritual beliefs, and preexisting frameworks. This means:

  • If your faith is important to you, your practitioner will be happy to include it as an integral part of your treatment process.
  • If you have any aversions based on past experiences or traumas, we’ll make sure you feel as safe and comfortable as possible. You’ll never have to participate in anything you don’t want to.
  • We welcome open conversations about your spirituality, and will gladly answer any questions or concerns you have about the modalities we use.
  • You don’t have to have any prior knowledge of holistic healing techniques. If this is your first time participating in alternative therapy, we’ll make sure to explain everything in a way you can easily understand.
  • If you do have an existing practice, you’ll have a unique opportunity to delve deeper in an extremely supportive setting.

Our humble, down-to-earth team members are always willing to meet you where you’re at. This program is appropriate for anyone who’s ready for something beyond what the 12 Steps were able to offer, or who prefers an alternative approach to treating addiction.

What Can I Do to Further Facilitate a Successful Recovery?

At The Sanctuary, we don’t treat you as someone who is ill – you’re an equal and active participant in your own treatment experience. The only thing this requires is willingness.

The more ready you are to take in new information, be honest with yourself, and trust in the healing process, the more rewarding you will find this experience. Though it can be challenging, the potential for progress lies in your willingness to explore parts of yourself that you may have avoided until now. And The Sanctuary is just the place to do it. We’ve created an environment that allows you to fully explore who you are, in an atmosphere of total love and nonjudgment.

Don’t worry – we’ll be right by your side, making sure you feel completely supported throughout your time with us. This is your journey, and our entire team is dedicated to guiding through this stage of it to the fullest extent. 

Is Full Recovery Without Relapse Possible?

Our non-12 Step rehab program is based on the core belief that yes, you can move beyond the abstinence-relapse cycle and into a complete recovery. We call this being recovered.

Conventional addiction messaging tells us that we will always be “in recovery.” This means:

  • You have no power over your addiction.
  • You should always be afraid of relapse.
  • You’re sick.
  • You’re broken.
  • You’re defined by your diagnosis.
  • You can never trust yourself.

But when you’re recovered:

  • You’re empowered to live your most authentic life.
  • You don’t feel the need for compulsive behaviors or substance use.
  • You’re well.
  • You’re whole.
  • You’re not defined by your past.
  • You’re free.

Just because you struggle with trauma or addiction does not mean you have to live the rest of your life as the victim of an inescapable pattern. You may just need some extra attention and awareness paid to parts of you that have been left out of your recovery process. When you have the right tools and support, you can transform your life in ways you never thought possible.

How Does Sanctuary at Sedona Deal with Relapse?

Our program is unique even among other non-12 Step rehabs in that it includes 90 days of complete care, to ensure you’re as supported as you need to be, well into your transition back home. This entails:

  • 30 days of inpatient treatment at The Sanctuary’s Sedona campus
  • Personalized transition planning starting from the beginning of your treatment experience
  • 60 days of Transition Wellness Coaching:
    • Weekly individual recovery coaching calls to continue forward on the path you started
    • Weekly group calls to stay connected with your Sanctuary family and put your recovery skills into practice
  • Connection with coaches, healers, and other therapists, according to your needs, who are trusted friends of The Sanctuary

Our support, of course, doesn’t end when you leave. You remain a valuable member of our family and are always welcome to get in touch when you have concerns or need further resources. We are completely dedicated to your wellbeing and success.

What our Clients say About Our Non-12 Step Holistic Healing Approach

Here’s how a few Sanctuary alumni remember their time with us:

“A miracle. It is magical. The staff, clients, and the land are so connected. I felt loved, heard, and accepted from day one. I felt safe and supported expressing myself. Judgement-free zone 100% of the time.”

“The first truly safe place I’ve been where you learn who you really are at a soul level.”

“An amazing place to heal if you are willing to be open-minded.”

Be Recovered with Our Holistic Treatment Program

Maybe it’s not that you haven’t done enough. Maybe you just haven’t done the right kind of treatment for you. 

This journey is not just about “receiving” treatment, it’s about creating – for yourself – a new way of being in the world. Our goal is to empower you with everything you need to do just that.

At The Sanctuary Holistic Recovery Center, you’ll gain tools to actualize what you learn here in your daily life. You’ll learn through your experiences here what it’s like to feel loved, be valued, and have a healthy relationship with yourself and those around you. You’ll learn how to take better care of your body, how to support your brain in creating resilient mental health, and how to engage in the things that nourish your soul.

You’ll leave here with new seeds planted, and another opportunity to have an amazing life – and to sustain that transformation. And everyone here will have your back, the whole way through.

Your time is now.

Call us today.

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