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Holistic Non-12 Step Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

Holistic Non-12 Step Treatment for Alcohol Addiction. Being stuck in a cycle of addiction to alcohol is an isolating experience – especially when alcohol use is so normalized. This normalization makes it easier to hide our drinking problems from those around us, putting us in an even deeper state of disconnection.

You may have tried AA or different 12-Step rehab programs before and found that they didn’t work. That disappointment can make addiction to alcohol seem inescapable. If you feel like you’re not quite reaching the root of your addiction, you’re not alone.

More people are seeking alternative forms of alcohol addiction treatment because they want to dig deeper.

Holistic therapies have been gaining traction because they go beyond managing symptoms. They treat every aspect of you, from the emotional to the spiritual. Because addiction to alcohol affects more than just the mind, these holistic methods have resonated with many people who found they needed to go beyond the 12th step.

The Sanctuary’s non-12 Step alcohol rehab integrates holistic treatments into a comprehensive program so that every part of your healing process is addressed. We offer an alternative to conventional alcohol addiction treatment that many of our clients have found life-changing, even if they felt like they had tried everything before.

Rather than viewing you as someone who’s in a constant state of recovery, we believe it’s possible to get to the root of your drinking issues and be recovered. This belief informs everything we do.

What is Holistic Non-12 Step Treatment?

While 12-Step-based programs focus on treating addiction at the mental level, our holistic non-12 Step treatment for alcohol addiction pays equal attention to every part of your being: your mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Why is it important to look at these aspects?

Alcohol addiction affects more than the mind. When we drink excessively, our bodies feel it; stomach distress, heart complications, and interference with brain function are just some of the issues that can arise. As alcohol interferes with brain function, our emotions become unregulated; we may feel a spike in happiness followed by lower lows. Our energy system falls out of balance, which compromises the immune system.

So while it’s important to include psychological treatment, it’s equally important that other areas affected by drinking are not ignored in the process.

At The Sanctuary, conventional treatment methods like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) are combined with holistic healing modalities (such as eco-therapy) for a comprehensive program. This non-12 Step approach to treating alcohol addiction guides you through sequential stages of the healing process, at a more in-depth level.

I Have Been in and Out of AA for 15 years. Is This Approach for Me?

AA is based on the principles of the 12 Steps, which are used by over 95% of rehabs in America. The 12 Steps are certainly a useful recovery tool for many, especially in the beginning stages of recovery. But a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t always work.

If AA didn’t work for you, you may find that a different paradigm serves you better.

What is Different About Non-12 Step Rehabs?

The Sanctuary’s program is rooted in different beliefs from conventional 12-Step rehabs. This doesn’t mean we’re anti-12-Step. It just means that instead of viewing you as powerless to addiction – a belief the 12-Step approach is based on – we view you as someone capable of full recovery.

Removing limiting beliefs has a noticeably positive impact on recovery:

  • It gives you space to change your relationship with yourself and the world around you.
  • It opens you to rediscovering the meaning of life that you’re passionate about.
  • It empowers you to identify behaviors for what they are, instead of allowing them to define you.

Integrated Holistic Treatment for Addiction

At The Sanctuary, we use an integrated holistic treatment for alcohol addiction. This means we pay equal attention to all aspects of recovery: clinical, scientific, energetic, physical, and nutritional.

It also means we organize these treatments in a way that makes sense for your personal journey. Each aspect supports the other, and guides you from one stage of recovery to the next.

Here’s what these treatments can look like:

  • Nutritional therapy
  • Sound healing
  • Guided imagery in music therapy
  • Creative visualization
  • Yoga and exercise
  • Sessions covering emotional self-regulation skills
  • Jungian shadow work

…and more. The Sanctuary’s team is well versed in a variety of holistic treatment methods and will work with you to find the combination that’s most effective for your unique healing journey.

Treating the Root Cause, Rather Than the Surface Cause, is Critical

Reaching the root cause of addiction issues ensures that whatever has been bothering you won’t find a way to sprout back up.

What lies at the root of alcohol addiction?

Addiction is a coping mechanism used to treat unresolved trauma. Trauma pulls you away from your authentic self – this is the side of you that feels love, joy, connection, and belonging.

Losing parts of our true, genuine self leaves an emptiness in its wake. We try to mend this by turning to external distractions, like drinking.

What happens when you’ve healed your underlying addiction issues?

  • You dissolve the desire to drink. Instead, you want to be present for yourself, today, tomorrow and every day.
  • Past traumas are healed. They don’t come back to torment you.
  • You recover your authentic side and can connect more fully to life’s joys.
  • You are no longer defined by your past.
  • You are free from addiction.

What to Expect During Non-12 Step Treatment?

The Sanctuary’s 90-day program includes 30 days of inpatient care and 60 days of intensive aftercare. Here’s what you can expect:

A comprehensive treatment program. We apply an integrative mix of holistic and conventional therapies.

Clinical therapies include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Acceptance commitment therapy (ACT)
  • Relationship and family therapy

Holistic treatment methods include:

  • Energy medicine
  • Creative expression
  • Yoga, bodywork and movement therapies

Transition planning includes:

  • Addiction science education
  • Mindfulness and emotional self-regulation skills
  • Hands-on recovery coaching

Immersion in nature. Our holistic alcohol rehab center is located on secluded grounds in Sedona, Arizona, home to stunning scenery and powerful healing energy. Immersion in this environment eases tensions and provides a setting to ground the experience you have in treatment.

Organic superfood program. Good nutrition positively impacts all areas of life. Eating well rejuvenates you on a cellular level and supports your brain and body in healing the toxic effects of drinking.

Therapists who understand where you’re at. Our therapists take great care in understanding what brought you here, as well as your ever-evolving recovery journey. They guide you from one stage to the next at a comfortable pace that’s designed for optimal progress, but won’t overwhelm you.

Intensive aftercare. Our 60-day outpatient care offers tools to help you apply what you’ve learned at The Sanctuary to your daily life. We offer follow-up therapy sessions via video conferencing and connections to trusted local partners for continued in-person healing.

What are the Advantages of Holistic Non-12 Step Treatment?

Here are some reasons you may want to explore our holistic non-12 Step program to treat alcohol addiction:

  • Find the best therapies for you: Under professional guidance, we let you experiment with a range of different therapies. Many of our clients find a healing path that resonates with them and continue pursuing it after treatment.
  • Paced appropriately: You’ll do deep work and take in new information, but do so in a way that feels possible to digest and retain.
  • Unpack past trauma and heal: Our therapies are designed to help you heal from underlying trauma and reconnect with your authentic self.
  • Be recovered: You don’t need to be in recovery for life. With true, deep healing, it’s possible to be fully recovered.

Explore our Holistic Non-12 Step Alcohol Addiction Recovery Program

If AA or conventional 12-Step-based programs haven’t worked for you, know that your options don’t end there.

At The Sanctuary, we integrate powerful healing methods into a comprehensive program that treats every part of you that’s affected by addiction – including those you can’t see. Our approach is guided by the belief that you can be recovered. As such, the goal of this program is to help you be free of addiction.

Drinking to escape pain isn’t necessary anymore when you’re connected to the part of you that feels love, belonging and joy. By finding fulfillment in yourself and the world around you, being an active, present member of your own life is more exciting than substance abuse could ever be.

Gain a new lease on life – one where you’re no longer a victim to your past traumas.

Contact us today to set your journey in motion.

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