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Destination Location Sedona, Arizona

We are located on a beautiful, secluded 22-acre campus just outside Sedona, Arizona. A place of unparalleled natural beauty, Sedona is a world-renowned destination for wellness resources and spiritual growth.

Our campus includes lovely guest accommodations as well as a number of other internal and external features designed to facilitate your healing process. Warm and comfortable, our beautiful location is a wonderful place to call home while you heal.

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IV Drip Clinic

A focal point in our holistic recovery program is our IV drip clinic where we offer various brain/body/nervous system up-regulation protocols. Included with our drip IV clinic are Ketamine Assisted Treatment “KAT”, NAD, glutathione, and a menu of IV drips to support brain repair, improve sleep, immune-boosting, and nervous system regulation. The synergistic impact of brain/body/nervous system support profoundly impacts our client’s ability to be more present and available in the program which leads to long-term sustainable recovery. Clients experience greater mental clarity, emotional regulation, better sleep, increased strength and vitality, and an overall sense of well-being that facilitates a deeper treatment experience.

Fitness Center

The Sanctuary has a state-of-the-art fitness center, a haven of health and vitality to support holistic recovery. Our 1000 square foot fitness center offers a diverse array of activities to suit different preferences and fitness levels. The center includes an array of Pilates equipment, exercise machines, free weights, and cardio equipment. It is open daily to clients to enjoy during any free time they have in their schedule. We understand that the path to recovery involves not only breaking free from substance dependency but also rebuilding a sense of strength and vitality.


Spanning over 90 feet in diameter, the Sanctuary’s 9-circuit Labyrinth offers guests a picturesque place for introspection and discovery. As one walks the labyrinth, it becomes evident that it is a metaphor for life’s journey. It takes us out of our ego to “that which is within”. Not to be confused with a maze, which is a puzzle requiring logical thinking and choices, a labyrinth has only one path. The only way in is also the way out. As such, one can “let go” of their thinking and simply follow the path delineated. The labyrinth represents a journey to our own center and back again out into the world. Labyrinths can be found in all sacred cultures of the world from the Hopi to Christians. Labyrinths are non-denominational and people who walk them come from every social, religious, and spiritual background. Walking the labyrinth is a personal pilgrimage where one can gain deeper insight and new ways of perceiving life. For many, the labyrinth yields an experience of peace, grace, and healing.

Medicine Wheel

Native American medicine wheels and stone circles have been used worldwide by a variety of complex societies for thousands of years. The Sanctuary’s medicine wheel is based on Native American tradition and is used as a tool for teaching, healing, meditation, and as a mirror to more clearly see your inner self. The medicine wheel shows you that you are an important part of the web of life and gives tools you can use to actively participate in your healing and recovery. Each stone holds a message and mirrors your healing journey through our Integrative Addiction Recovery℠ program.

Fire Ceremony Area

Fire represents the element of transformation and we use fire ceremony to assist you in releasing destructive patterns. People have used fire ceremonies since the dawn of time as a place to share teachings, traditions, and a way to honor the sacredness of life. The Sanctuary’s fire ceremony area is a place to remember and express your soul’s desire for connection, meaning, purpose and creativity.

Activities Center

The Activities Center is a place to read, watch informational videos, or just relax. We have a large library of books on every topic from recovery to science to spirituality. We also have a large library of informational videos to stimulate the mind and inspire the soul. There is also a small office area for you to attend to emails and personal business.

The Garden

The Sanctuary’s biodynamic garden is an oasis of life force energy in the desert. The garden supplies our kitchen daily with seasonal fresh organic herbs, teas, and vegetables. Eating fresh food will help your body regain strength and vitality. Freshly harvested food is richer in enzymes that help you to cleanse toxins from your body and have more energy. Good nutrition is essential to life, especially when healing from trauma, adrenal burnout, and toxic lifestyles. Additionally, the garden is a place where our guests can reconnect to nature. In our fast-paced lives, many have lost connection to that which is sacred and nurturing to their soul. Reconnection to the earth will help you reconnect to your inner self. We grow all of our own flowers, tobacco, and medicinal herbs for our sacred ceremonies.

The Healing Room

The healing room is a completely private space where you will receive bodywork to help you release toxins and toxic cellular memories which is an essential part of sustainable transformation. We have a deep soaking tub for cleansing salt or therapeutic herbal baths. You can also spend time in our far infrared sauna. Certain toxins can only be released through sweat and far-infrared allows the body to release more toxins at a lower temperature than hot saunas.

Dining Room

Sumptuous salads and living food masterpieces are shared by staff and visitors. Community dining becomes a daily transformational event. Sharing the table and spending time consciously savoring our food becomes a bonding experience, and an opportunity to reflect, connect and simply relax into our individual and group process as a community. The beautiful dining room opens to a spacious stone patio, a perfect gathering place for guests, as well as musical and other special events.

Meditation Room

The Sanctuary spiritual center is the beautifully crafted octagonal building that faces east and greets the sunrise and full moon. The meditation room is built on a vortex and has also been charged with the energy of countless ceremonies, celebrations, and prayers. Reserved for meditation, ceremony, and special gatherings, the meditation room becomes the spiritual home for visitors during their stay at The Sanctuary.

Spirit/Sweat Lodge

Sweating is a purification and detoxification ritual in many traditions and cultures worldwide. In addition to the physical detoxification benefits of sweat, clients experience cleansing at the level of the psyche and soul. The optional weekly sweat ceremony is often a highlight, even for those clients who have had no experience of this tradition as it helps them to integrate the deep clinical processes of their week.

The Yurt

The healing yurt is a unique gathering space for healing sessions, ceremonies, and formal and informal gatherings, perched on a cliff with a beautiful panoramic view. The yurt serves as a unique and sacred space, designed to facilitate deep healing and inner exploration. Surrounded by the gentle embrace of nature, the healing yurt proves a space for self-reflection and introspection.

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