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Hypnotherapy is a technique used to relax the conscious mind and access the subconscious part of the brain. A counselor might combine hypnotherapy with cognitive behavioral therapy to promote growth and long-lasting healing. As you work with a hypnotherapy counselor, you’ll enter a relaxed state and uncover deeply rooted beliefs, thinking patterns and habits. Your counselor will teach you how to replace harmful subconscious beliefs and thoughts with healthy, self-compassionate ways to think and behave. Call us at (866) 750-0763 to speak with a counselor and start your healing journey.

The Benefits of Hypnotherapy

A therapist can use hypnotherapy to address your hidden fears and beliefs holding you back from happiness. Some benefits include:

  • Focus: You won’t be distracted by your surroundings while in hypnosis. You can zone in on what your therapist says as they help you navigate your subconscious mind.
  • Clarity: By exploring your subconscious with heightened focus, you’ll gain insight and understanding into the issues you’re experiencing. You can also make sense of what’s been holding you back to create a clear path forward.
  • Confidence: You can break harmful thinking patterns that have kept you in self-doubt for too long. Subsequently, you’ll enjoy more confidence to reach your goals.
  • Motivation: Freeing yourself of long-held negative beliefs can foster greater motivation and productivity. When you believe in yourself and trust your capabilities, you’ll feel empowered to live your dreams.

How Hypnotherapy Helps With Addiction

If you’re battling addiction and have tried other approaches to no avail, hypnotherapy may be the solution you’re looking for. This technique can help you identify and address your addiction’s root causes.

For example, hypnotherapy can be a helpful tool in treating common mental health disorders that accompany addiction, like anxiety and depression. A counselor can also use hypnotherapy to help you process trauma and release toxic energy relating to your traumatic experience.

Lastly, hypnotherapy can help you identify subconscious addiction-related triggers and habits that may otherwise go undiscovered.

Our Hypnotherapy Technique 

At The Sanctuary, we use a form of hypnotherapy that combines psychotherapy techniques with energy release. We conduct our hypnotherapy sessions in a safe, supportive, serene environment, helping you unwind. 

During a hypnotherapy session, a counselor will help you enter a deeply relaxed state. You’ll then explore the feelings attached to whatever’s troubling you and be guided to release negative energy.

You can also work with your counselor to regress to a traumatic event and identify the harmful self-beliefs you’ve developed from the trauma. For example, if you’ve experienced childhood abuse, a counselor will help illuminate the hidden beliefs attached to the incident so that you can change them.

The final aspect of our hypnotherapy method involves healing your inner child and processing traumatic events in a healthy way. With our approach, you’ll free yourself from the chains of trauma and develop positive beliefs and behaviors to live a full, happy life.

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Are you ready to deep-dive your subconscious mind and find the path to healing and joy? Contact us today and learn more about our hypnotherapy options. Call (866) 750-0763 to speak with a counselor today!

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