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Couples and Family Therapy

When one family member struggles with addiction, trauma, depression or other conditions and behaviors, the rest of the family often gets stuck in unhealthy patterns as well. Holistic couples and family therapy sees the family unit as interconnected and focuses on providing therapeutic techniques that encourage healing for every family member — not only the person struggling. Contact us at (866) 750-0763 to learn more today. 

What Is Holistic Couples and Family Therapy?

Holistic couples and family therapy involves whole families or couples coming together for treatment. During treatment, therapists examine many factors that influence the function of an entire family system. These factors might include childhood traumas and current mental struggles. Therapy techniques focus on lifestyle changes that can rebuild connections and bring healing to everyone affected by the situation. 

Holistic family therapy comes from the belief that individuality comes in the context of relationships. Therapists can help develop interdependencies between family members and couples so that each member can function together healthily. This therapy technique allows individuals to learn about themselves in close relationships with one another.

What Are the Benefits of Family Support?

Family support through holistic therapy helps discover the impacts that addiction, anxiety or compulsive behaviors have on the rest of the family. Creating a caring environment where everyone seeks healing provides many benefits for families, couples and those with an addiction or other struggles, including:

  • Facilitating healthier communication: Everyone learns to communicate more effectively, and family support leads to greater interconnection.
  • Eliminating damaging emotions: When family members or romantic partners seek healing in body, mind and soul, relationships grow healthier and become free of stress, conflict and anger.
  • Rebuilding love and respect: When an individual goes through a difficult time, it can cause strain. When everyone seeks to heal together, lost love and care can be found.

Approaches Used in Holistic Couples and Family Therapy

Holistic couples therapy at The Sanctuary at Sedona uses an experiential rather than an informational approach to restore a healthy family system. Our strategy seeks to do more than tell a family how to deal with addiction or trauma a loved one has faced. Holistic therapy aims to develop healthy communication, boundaries and plans for coping with recovery. 

Sometimes, family members can stay on campus and participate in activities geared toward their wellness. They can use individual and family sessions to seek personal and group improvement. Therapy activities for families and couples include meditation, yoga, energy medicine, expressive art therapies and cognitive-behavioral therapy. This wide range addresses physical, emotional and energetic needs for a complete recovery program.

Couples and Family Therapy in Addiction Recovery

With family support, people with addiction are more likely to continue treatment and stay sober. Holistic family recovery programs help parents, siblings and other loved ones learn healthy strategies to address their pain and the pain of those who struggle with addiction. Addiction can result from underlying issues in other relationships and can cause harm to family and romantic partners. Seeking healing as a group can bring long-term relief to every individual.

Seek Healing at The Sanctuary

Our family program sees the family as a system. An issue affecting one person also affects the whole group. Holistic family and couples therapy aims to provide individual and group healing. Contact The Sanctuary online or call us at (866) 750-0763 to learn more or seek help.

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