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Holistic Heroin Treatment Center. If you’re here, you probably already know this: heroin has a way of taking over your life.

An extremely physically addictive drug, heroin builds tolerance quickly. As such, once you form a physical dependence, trying to stop can result in very uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. And that inability to quit using, even when you desperately want to, can feel defeating and hopeless.

“It’s like I just lost control,” says former Sanctuary client Roberta about her addiction. “I wasn’t enjoying life anymore. I had all this wonderful opportunity in front of me, and yet I was killing myself very slowly with drugs.”

The good news is, there is a way out. The Sanctuary’s holistic heroin treatment program heals all parts of you from heroin addiction. We’ll support you in creating the life you want, so you never have to go back to using again.

I’ve Been Addicted to Heroin for Years. Can You Help?;

Many of The Sanctuary’s clients come to us after years of cycling through drug treatment programs. In fact, for many, this is their last resort.

Our holistic heroin treatment program is different from what you may have experienced at other rehabs. We understand how important it is for you to feel safe and comfortable in rehab – and we’ll spend as much time as necessary to help you do so before beginning more challenging work. Even clients who are initially skeptical or nervous find that they feel right at home within a few days. Our calming setting lets you relax, let your guard down, and go deeper into the treatment process.

Here, we completely individualize treatment to you. Our environment is the opposite of what you’ll find in standardized, clinical settings. Our therapists honor your needs and help you feel at ease, so you can be open to change.

I think the only reason I didn’t try something before [coming to The Sanctuary] is that I didn’t know where to look. I really had no idea,” said Roberta. “Where do you go? Do you go to [a clinical setting] and become an institutionalized person? That would have just made things worse for me. The Sanctuary sounded like it would be total renewal, and that’s what it turned out to be.”

How is Holistic Heroin Treatment Different From AA?

At The Sanctuary, we have a unique view of heroin addiction: we believe you can heal from it completely.

The 12 Steps are based on the idea that you’re an “addict for life.” But we don’t see addiction as a fundamental part of your identity. In fact, we believe that limitation, in and of itself, is what keeps many people trapped in disempowerment.

Our program graduate Roberta says this about her experience in AA: “I wanted to get to the bottom of what was going on, not just say ‘you’re a drug addict’ and go to a 12-Step program, which I’ve tried. I couldn’t stick with [the 12 Steps] because I had to stand up every day and say ‘I’m an addict,’ and I’m not just an addict. I’m so many more things than that, and I didn’t want to focus on that part.”

Can Heroin Addiction Relapse?

All addictions can relapse, and heroin is no exception. Addiction is a complicated web to untangle, and it’s totally understandable if that takes more than one try. So it’s no surprise that studies show the success rate of AA to be between five and 10 percent, with 90 percent of attendees dropping out within the first 90 days.

At The Sanctuary’s Holistic Heroin Treatment Center, we help our clients prevent relapse by:

  • Addressing causes of heroin addiction that mainstream rehab programs tend to ignore
  • Diving deeper into the recovery process via a complete, integrated healing journey
  • Helping you create a solid relapse prevention plan, starting in your first days of treatment
  • Providing 60 days of Transition Wellness Coaching, including individual counseling, group sessions, continued education, and resource support on a weekly basis

So, What Else do I Need to Know Before I Sign Up?

At The Sanctuary, what sets us apart is our integrity. We integrate every part of our holistic heroin treatment program – from admissions to the intake process, to the therapy sessions you receive at our campus – to make you feel well cared for. Every one of our highly experienced therapists is personally dedicated to your success.

“I trust the staff, because everyone here is so qualified at what they’re doing; so genuine, so loving, so intelligent that it just works,” says Roberta. “The whole process integrates together until you become a whole person again. That’s what happened to me. I also saw what happened to the other people I was in the program with. Everyone just blossomed. I saw that every day, I was feeling better.”

You can feel whole again, too. You deserve to feel better. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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