We Do Not Accept Insurance

The Sanctuary no longer takes insurance. Although we want to be accessible to as many people as we can help, after many years of working with insurance companies, we have found they are covering fewer services and fewer days in residential care. This resulted in our clients receiving fewer treatment days which hinders their progress and chances for long-term recovery. Healing the Body, Repairing the Brain, and Recovering the Soul takes time and doesn’t fit into the symptom management managed care model.


We accept direct payment by cash, credit card, wire transfer


We partner with M-Lend Financial to help you get the money you need for treatment efficiently and quickly. We took great care to evaluate financing companies and have found M-Lend Financial to be the most fair, reliable, and competitive option for our clients. M-Lend offers a range of options to accommodate personal credit circumstances, Qualification is based on an individual’s credit score.

All expenses related to your time in treatment are eligible for financing. 

We understand how important it is to get into treatment and to do so in a timely manner. Our goal is to provide the best possible options for doing so. 

Our admissions coordinator is happy to answer any questions you have about financing and payment options. Contact Us to Learn More