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Reaching a decision for you or a loved one is never easy, but we believe full recovery is truly possible at The Sanctuary. Our premium and personalized program is unique – primarily focused on identifying and healing the underlying causes of addiction, depression, anxiety and trauma. We only take up to 12 clients at any one time, providing you with a very personal healing experience, where 90% of the sessions are one-on-one. Our holistic, non 12 step Integrative Addiction Recovery program is exclusive to The Sanctuary and has helped hundreds of clients to be recovered from addiction and related disorders.

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Fees, Insurance and Financing Information

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna or AHCCCS (Access) Arizona at this time.

Clients with PPO policies with out of network benefits may be covered. Once you submit your insurance information, we will complete a verification of benefits to determine if any or all of your fees will be covered by insurance.

We work with other insurance companies and with a leading insurance billing company to get the most benefits possible for your treatment. In order for you to use insurance benefits to pay for your treatment you will need:

  1. Sufficient coverage for residential treatment as part of your insurance policy; and
  2. To meet symptom criteria for residential treatment as established by insurance companies, also known as “medical necessity.”

We will give you information about the benefits you have available through your insurance and the estimated amount of your personal financial responsibilities (including co-insurance, deductible and balance not covered by your insurance).

We will also give you our best guess as to whether your issues and symptoms meet criteria to access residential treatment benefits that you have on your policy. 

We also work with self-pay (cash) clients individually for those clients who are not working with insurance and/or who want to participate in our intensive holistic residential treatment program regardless of whether it is covered by their insurance.

We are happy to speak with you about your situation, your finance options, and whether The Sanctuary is a good fit for you.

In response to requests from clients, we have a reliable financing option available. The Sanctuary at Sedona has partnered with M-Lend Financial to aid you in your recovery program financial needs. All related costs associated with your recovery program are available. M-Lend Financial’s options include interest free credit cards (at no additional costs) and low interest installment loans for various credit ratings up to 84 month terms and $100,000. Both offer no interest charges for an extended period of time depending on your credit score. Our goal is to bring you every option available within our resources so you may have the opportunity to begin your 30-day integrative addiction recovery program. We understand how important it is for you to make the decision to enter into a recovery plan.

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