Making the decision to seek addiction treatment takes courage. It’s a decision that can ultimately save your life, but it can be an intimidating challenge.

We recognize the courage it takes to seek care for mental health concerns and substance use disorder. Therefore, we do everything we can to make the rehab admissions process as seamless, welcoming and comfortable as possible.

The first step is to call us.

The Initial Interview

You begin the admissions process by contacting our admissions department for an initial interview. Our admissions office is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST daily. We have an answering service for after-hours and will prioritize returning your call first thing the following morning.

When you speak to one of our staff, you can expect compassion and support, first and foremost. We are here to listen without judgment and answer any questions you have.

The Second Phone Call

The initial interview is followed by a pre-screening process, which is conducted over the phone with one of our rehab admissions coordinators. 

Our admissions coordinators may consult with our psychiatrist, medical director or one of our licensed therapists after the call to ensure The Sanctuary at Sedona is a good fit for you. You may also be asked to speak with one of our licensed therapists to determine whether our program will meet your needs. 

Your conversations with us will be personal and confidential. Allow our expertise in addiction treatment and behavioral health to comfort you, and know we will give you the answers you need to make an informed decision about our integrative recovery program. 

How Long Is the Pre-Screening Call?

We’ll gather some basic information about you and your current needs to assess whether our program will best support your healing process. You can expect the phone call to take around 20 minutes.

Because of our small size and individualized approach, we want to ensure we are the right place for you.

What to Have Ready When You Call

To provide you with the quickest admissions process possible, please have the following information ready when you call: 

  • What your presenting needs are
  • Your counselor’s name, if you’re seeing one
  • Description of drug or alcohol use
  • Past psychiatric or treatment history
  • A list of medications you are on, if any
  • Any medical or mental health issues you have

Our staff will review this information to determine if our program is medically and clinically appropriate for you. It will help us ensure that we can provide you with the most comprehensive treatment experience to optimally meet your needs. 

Criteria for Inpatient Rehab Admission

We thoroughly review each person’s unique needs, concerns and treatment goals before making an admissions decision. We also have a few requirements prospective residents must meet to receive care at The Sanctuary at Sedona. These include:

  • 18 or older
  • Able to perform daily living activities and self-care as well as walk up and down stairs, gravel driveways and paved walkways on our 22-acre campus.
  • Not actively suicidal and able to commit to safety while in the program
  • Able to keep and self-administer prescription medications safely
  • Can commit to participating and engaging in the program

What We Treat

We are a root-cause-focused, trauma-informed treatment center specializing in:

We are not the best fit for someone experiencing mental health disorders such as:

  • Bipolar 1 disorder
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders
  • Dissociative identity disorder
  • Active eating disorders
  • Multiple or complex medical issues or diagnoses

If you have any questions regarding our admissions criteria, please feel free to contact us.

Steps to Follow Once You’ve Been Admitted

Once we’ve decided that we can meet your treatment needs, we will find the next available admission date for you. There’s typically a waiting period because we only accept 11 to 12 clients at a time. Wait times are usually 3 weeks, but sometimes we have a room available before that. Please call to check our current availability.

After we determine your admission date, we’ll help you complete these steps:

1. Register Online

You’ll register online by completing a simple form and making a $5,000 deposit to hold your private room for your agreed-upon admission date. 

2. Determine If You Need Medical Detox

You’ll need to determine if you must attend a medical detox program prior to coming to The Sanctuary. Withdrawal from substances like alcohol or benzodiazepines can lead to severe symptoms and should be supervised medically. We can help you decide if medical detox is necessary for recovery.

While we don’t have a medical detox program, we do offer a 4-Day Jump-Start Program. This optional program jump-starts healing and assists with mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms before starting our regular program.

3. Choose Program Length

We’re a 30-day-minimum recovery center, but you can stay for 45 or 60 days.

It’s OK if you’re unsure how long you want to be in treatment. Your admissions coordinator will help you determine the appropriate program length.

4. Review Your Admission Checklist

We’ll send you an admission checklist by email to review in advance. Our checklist helps you ensure you have everything needed for a comfortable recovery.

5. Send Your Medical Records to Our Office

Before arriving at our center, send us all recent medical records, a list of medications and medical clearance for detox, if applicable. We’ll use this information to evaluate your needs and develop an individualized, comprehensive treatment plan.

6. Make Travel Arrangements

You’ll discuss and arrange travel logistics with your admissions coordinator. This ensures you arrive on your admission date with as little stress as possible and the right support.

What to Bring to Our Treatment Center

We recommend carefully packing before starting your recovery journey. You’ll set yourself up for success when you have the necessary belongings to stay comfortable and focus on healing. We suggest bringing:

1. Medications

Please bring at least 30 days’ worth of all your prescribed medications and needed supplements with you, or have a refill on file. If you have EpiPens to treat allergic reactions, please also bring them.

You will work with our doctor or psychiatrist to evaluate and adjust your medications and supplements, if necessary, after admission.

2. An Insurance Card and Cash

Be sure to bring your health insurance card for prescriptions and a credit card and cash for any incidentals.

3. Clothing

We recommend bringing the following clothing:

  • Layers: Our desert climate can vary greatly, so your best bet is to have options for cooler nights and warmer days. Check out the current weather to be prepared.
  • Hiking footwear: Hiking is an integral part of our program, so hiking footwear is highly recommended.
  • Comfortable shoes: Our facilities are spread out over hills with stairs and have some uneven ground, so sturdy, comfortable shoes are required.
  • Stretchy clothing: Yoga is also a part of our program, so please bring loose, stretchable clothing.
  • Gym and swimwear: We have a fitness center and sweat lodge, so bring exercise or gym clothing and a bathing suit.
  • Sunglasses: Bring your sunglasses, as we are blessed with sunshine most days.

Note that we have laundry facilities and provide eco-friendly cleaning products.

4. Toiletries

Please bring a month’s supply of basic toiletries, including:

  • Toothpaste
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Soap

5. Other Must-Haves

Other essentials may include the following:

  • Month’s supply of cigarettes, if you smoke
  • Laptop
  • Wristwatch
  • Backpack for hikes
  • Headlamp or flashlight
  • Sunscreen or sunblock
  • Hydration pack, especially during the summer

What Not to Bring

Please refrain from wearing colognes or perfumes during your stay, as many activities, such as yoga and meditation, will be in a group setting, and fellow residents may be sensitive to scents.

Also, we don’t allow medical marijuana of any kind, candles or incense.

What to Expect With Our 30-Day Program

Your time is valuable, and we want you to get the most from your treatment experience. On day one, you will receive a customized daily schedule.

Here’s an overview of what to expect:

  • Weekday mornings are devoted to meditation, yoga and group therapy.
  • Weekday afternoons are devoted to individualized sessions.

Each client sees a psychiatrist, nutritionist, therapeutic bodyworker and various other therapists each week, all included in the program’s cost.

To maximize your therapeutic experience, you’ll also have a full weekend schedule, including:

  • trauma-release breathwork process
  • Nutritional class
  • Evening ceremonies
  • A beautiful hike in Sedona
  • Sweat lodge
  • Leisure time

You’ll also have a strong support system while you recover. Our staff, founder and program directors live on campus and are accessible 24/7. All of our organic meals are served family style, and clients and staff eat together. 

What to Expect as a Family Member 

We recognize that addiction majorly impacts family members. If you’re helping someone through admissions, we’ll treat you with the same kindness, encouragement and respect as your loved one. 

If you have any questions or concerns about admissions, you are welcome to contact our admissions department anytime. We aim to make you and your loved ones feel comfortable throughout the process and are ready to answer your questions.

In addition to speaking with you, we will also need to talk with the individual interested in admission to our program. We are not able to offer an admission date to a family member or loved one without direct contact and pre-screening with the individual who will be attending our program. 

Recover at a Beautiful Rehab Center in Arizona

At The Sanctuary at Sedona, we offer individualized care, a warm and welcoming atmosphere, breathtaking natural surroundings and a team dedicated to your recovery. Contact us to learn more and start your recovery today!