Mission Statement:

Our mission is to completely redefine and rehabilitate the traditional 12 step addiction treatment and behavioral health paradigm. Statistics, and possibly your own personal treatment then relapse experience, confirms that the old model doesn’t work. For over 2 decades, our holistic non 12 step model has been proven effective and has now become the new industry benchmark for sustainable recovery.
For you, that means being recovered rather than being in recovery.

Vision Statement:

To accomplish our mission our program is designed to heal the body, repair the brain and recover the soul. In order to achieve this, we work with the whole system, which is the core of holistic medicine. We are committed to offering the best modalities for the body, mind, soul, and spirit from the allelopathic to the alternative. We have made the conscious decision to stay at 12 residents to give you the most attention and care you need in processing your deepest issues. Many of our staff, including the founder, lives on campus and our work is not just a job, but our life’s calling.