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Yoga Therapy

Yoga has been a well-known holistic treatment method used to enhance mental and physical well-being worldwide for thousands of years. Our yoga therapy services are designed for everyone, regardless of their experience levels. 

Whether you’ve done yoga before or have never looked at a mat, our team can help. We guide you through poses and breathing exercises that can improve your physical and mental health, building flexibility and decreasing stress and anxiety. Our holistic yoga practices help you create a lifestyle centered around balance, good health, harmony and a positive mindset.

What Are the Benefits of Yoga?

Yoga offers several benefits to those who practice it with good intentions. Advantages of holistic yoga and yoga therapy include:

  • Improved physicality: Yoga can help improve many aspects of your physical health, including strength, coordination, flexibility and stamina. The practice affects you immediately by making you feel calm and focused. It also produces long-term effects, which are beneficial for people out of touch with their bodies after addiction or long-term anxiety and depression.
  • Additional stress relief: Yoga is a calming practice involving movements and breathing exercises that help connect your mind, body and soul. These poses and techniques can also ground you in the present moment, which is beneficial for those who have mental illnesses that make them feel disconnected.
  • Greater impulse control: Yoga can teach you to harness your impulses and control them so you can take more time to react appropriately to events in your life. Yoga is a safe alternative to harmful or self-defeating behaviors associated with addiction and other mental illnesses.

Yoga therapy is helpful as a part of the treatment for numerous issues, including mental illnesses like anxiety disorders and depression or substance use disorder.

Our Yoga Therapy Program

Yoga therapy empowers individuals and teaches them how to honor their needs. It helps you improve physical and mental wellness while practicing self-care. While all yoga can have benefits, yoga therapy uses specific practices intended to impact your life significantly.

Our services use specific poses and practices designed to help alleviate physical or mental pain and stressors based on your experiences. For example, if you have lower back pain, we can dedicate sessions to strengthening those muscles or reducing symptoms.

We also have specific practices for mental wellness. If you have an anxiety disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder, we use can poses and exercises that help regulate your nervous system and increase body awareness. Yoga therapy can also help lower sensory overload and assist with emotion regulation.

Yoga Holistic Treatment Methods at The Sanctuary

Yoga therapy is a holistic practice used to become more aligned with your body and mind’s needs. It allows you to use poses, exercises and techniques to improve overall wellness while practicing self-care and reducing symptoms of physical or emotional stressors.

At The Sanctuary, we provide personalized yoga therapy that can help you on your recovery journey. Learn more about our holistic treatment methods, including yoga, by calling (866) 750-0763 or contacting us online!

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