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Holistic Recovery Center Program. Conventional addiction treatments that follow the 12-Step method have helped numerous people towards recovery. But many who complete these programs find that they still feel something is missing.

If you’ve tried a 12-Step program and it didn’t work for you, understand it’s completely normal – and that more options do exist.

12-Step programs focus on treating addiction at the mental level. While this is important, it’s also important to go beyond that, and heal its root causes. You may be holding onto disempowering beliefs about yourself as a result of past trauma. As long as this is the case, reverting to the unconscious coping strategies you’ve built to deal with them remains a likely possibility.

This seemingly inescapable cycle leaves many people yearning for a deeper healing at the soul level – which is why so many are now turning to holistic recovery centers for help.

At The Sanctuary, we focus on a complete roadmap to recovery. Our integrative addiction recovery program includes science-based, holistic treatments that dig deeper than just mental-level therapy. We pay equal attention to the mind, body, soul and spirit – because addiction involves all parts of your being. Here, you go beyond just learning techniques for remedying symptoms. You’ll learn how to connect with your authentic self and rediscover life’s joys. 

What is a Holistic Recovery Center?

The Sanctuary takes a truly comprehensive approach to treating addiction. Our program is based on four distinct stages of healing:

  1. Identifying the beliefs you’ve accrued over time, the wounds that caused them and the defenses you’ve built to cope with them
  2. Shedding a light on parts of yourself, both positive and negative, that have been avoided and hidden away
  3. Healing and reintegrating lost parts of yourself to restore you to wholeness; envisioning a future that aligns with your life’s purpose
  4. Implementing real-life changes and living out your passions

Here, you’re guided through every stage of the recovery journey by a loving, attentive team. Our expert practitioners assist you through each step, paying close attention to your progress. While the work we do is pretty major, we intentionally pace the program so that it feels achievable and doesn’t overwhelm you.

How are Holistic Recovery Centers Different Than AA Treatment Centers?

Alcoholics Anonymous offers a supportive network of members aiming for the same goal: to stay sober and help others achieve the same. It follows 12 steps that members continually work, and they can revisit parts of it whenever they need to. The strong community aspect that AA provides helps many people abstain from substances and make connections that are beneficial to their lives. This approach can be very effective, up to a point.

As a non-12 Step drug treatment center, we differ in our view of addiction recovery. Instead of seeing you as someone who is innately sick, powerless over addiction, and in need of lifelong recovery, we believe it is possible to be fully recovered. When true healing takes place, the substances or other addictive behaviors used to mask trauma, as a result, lose their appeal.

“Holistic” is defined as “relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts.” At our holistic, non-12 Step rehab, we see you not as someone with a compartmentalized illness, but as a whole person – and offer therapies to treat you accordingly. These may include some combination of the following healing modalities, which are integrated into a highly personalized program designed to best meet your needs:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Trauma release exercises (TRE)
  • Individual and group process therapy
  • Shadow work
  • Nutrition
  • Energy medicine
  • Sound healing
  • Eco-therapy
  • Movement and bodywork
  • Ceremonial rites of passage
  • Addiction science education
  • Mindfulness-based relapse prevention
  • Recovery skills coaching

I Have Been in and Out of AA Treatment Many Times. Is a Holistic Recovery Center Right for Me?

It’s frustrating to feel stuck in a cycle of addiction. If you’ve been through multiple rounds of 12-Step rehab, you may feel a yearning to address an underlying problem you know is there, even if you’re not sure exactly what it is.

The Sanctuary’s comprehensive program helps you get to the “why” of your addiction issues.

The transformation process you’ll experience here is the result of a powerful synergy created by our team. Clinical psychologists, counselors, energy medicine practitioners, alternative health specialists, and nutritionists come together and apply their expertise to guiding your recovery process. This thoroughness of care allows you to make major leaps in your personal journey. 

With the wide array of holistic treatment options, we have available, you’re encouraged to explore different paths to find out what resonates with you. You don’t just receive treatment here: you own your self-discovery journey.

What is Holistic Treatment? Is it Better Than AA?

Holistic treatment sees addiction as a symptom of the entire human system – which requires that equal attention be paid to its mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Your treatment program at The Sanctuary may include the following therapies (and so much more):


  • Psychology/therapy sessions
  • Mindfulness and meditation practice
  • Life skills and recovery coaching


  • Nutritional counseling and meals based on healthy, organic superfoods
  • Nature therapy
  • Yoga and exercise

  • Breathwork techniques
  • Ceremony as a means of self-discovery
  • Creative therapies for reconnecting with yourself


  • Education on your energy body and its role in recovery
  • Energy medicine techniques to restore you to a state of balance
  • Removal of disruptive energy patterns, which can deregulate the nervous system

Does Holistic Treatment Equal Recovery?

At The Sanctuary, we believe that you can be recovered.

Conventional rehab wisdom states that addiction is a “chronic, lifelong disease.” But a growing body of scientific evidence shows that this disease model may not actually hold true. 

Our brain is not the static organ we once believed it was. Modern neuroscience has proven that brains have an innate capacity to change (neuroplasticity) and form new neural pathways (neurogenesis). While it’s widely known that addiction “rewires the brain,” it’s also possible to grow neural pathways that shed the need for substances. The Sanctuary offers methods to support these changes, such as superfood nutrition, brain supplement protocol and immersive eco-therapy.

What Are the Chances of Relapsing After Going Through a Holistic Treatment Center?

You completed your inpatient treatment; now it’s time to go back into the world. Stepping back into outside environments and avoiding triggers can be an intimidating prospect. We understand how important it is to implement what you’ve learned in rehab, into your daily life. That’s why we offer continuing care support as an integrated part of our program: you’ll start working on your transition plan from your very first days of treatment.

This personalized aftercare program is developed while you’re in treatment with the guidance of our transition-specialized staff. Our Transition Wellness Coaching program includes:

  • Continuing therapy for eight weeks: weekly individual calls with a therapist you’ve already built a relationship with, on top of group support calls.
  • Building your understanding of recovery: more advanced coursework that builds on the knowledge you gained during inpatient treatment.
  • Connecting you to important resources: we link you up with local coaches and therapists we know and trust, so you can continue the therapies that resonate most with you.
  • Hands-on continuing care: as you grow your support network and progress in your practices, our dedicated team will always be available to talk and offer support.

What makes our aftercare support so unique is the high level of personal attention you’ll receive. We give you tools to help you action what you’ve learned in treatment, and spend as much time with you as needed to make sure these new routines and perspectives are grounded in your life.

What Can I Expect During Recovery at The Sanctuary?

We believe that a program isn’t really holistic if any part of the healing process is ignored. Our treatments place equal importance on clinical, scientific, energetic, physical, and nutritional care. Meanwhile, your therapists will closely monitor your experience to make sure you’re receiving the full benefits of each stage of healing.

Here, you can expect:

  • A fully integrated program that doesn’t just offer alternative therapies as add-ons
  • Advanced treatment methods informed by groundbreaking science
  • A welcoming, down-to-earth community
  • Amazing organic, anti-inflammatory food that nourishes you on a cellular level and accelerates your healing processes
  • Every component of your treatment tied together in a complete, organized experience

How Can Sanctuary at Sedona Help Me?

Here’s what some of our past clients have said about their time at The Sanctuary:

“I’m amazed how the staff would make the program unique for each person… how everything fit together for wherever I was at, at that time.”

“I’ve changed in terms of what’s important to me. I want to show up for my life now. I want to be there. I do not want to miss a moment.”

“You’ll transform into the most authentic version of yourself.”

Discover a Truly Holistic Recovery Program

At The Sanctuary Holistic Drug Treatment Center, we see the recovery journey as a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual one – and offer treatments that take you through all parts of this journey.

Our team is by your side at every step. They’re paying close attention to your progress, making sure your program changes and evolves just as you do. This is one-on-one healing work on a whole new level.

It’s time to go beyond just treating symptoms and take back your life. Discover a new way to connect with the world around you. Explore your relationship to yourself, and learn how to let it flourish. 

Discover life-changing healing while immersed in Sedona’s breathtaking natural beauty. Contact us today to talk about your first steps.

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