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Holistic Non-12-Step Treatment for Prescription Drug Addiction

Holistic Non-12-Step Treatment for Prescription Drug Addiction. A reported 18 million Americans misused prescription drugs in 2017, making prescription drug addiction a persisting nationwide epidemic that has been getting worse throughout the years. Many people who are prescribed medication don’t even know they have underlying issues that could spur addiction.

We understand that trying AA or different rehab programs only to find that they didn’t work for you is a frustrating place to be.

Most rehabs in the US follow a 12-Step model. While this can be a useful recovery for many, some people find that it doesn’t fully remove the desire to use prescription drugs again. If you’ve felt that you hit a brick wall looking for treatment, know that your options don’t end there.

At The Sanctuary, we employ a holistic, non-12 Step approach to treatment that focuses on getting to the root cause of your addiction issues so that you can resolve it, and be fully free.

Why Treat Prescription Drug Addiction Using Holistic Non-12 Step Methods?

Addiction to prescription drugs impacts all parts of you: mind, body, soul, and spirit. Holistic non-12 Step treatment for prescription drug addiction focuses equally on all of these parts, making sure none goes ignored.

Addiction impacts you in ways that aren’t always physically visible. It’s important to treat the whole you, to fully heal any underlying issues so that they can’t come back up again.

The Mind

Prescription drugs alter your brain’s chemical balance and the neurotransmitters that affect how you think and feel. Some people experience psychological issues that often co-occur with addiction, including anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Treatments at The Sanctuary are designed to help you safely address these issues. They include individual and group therapy sessions, mindfulness meditation, nutritional support, and more.

The Body

Prescription drugs have numerous effects on the body: indigestion, muscle soreness, and damages to the heart and liver are just a few examples. Our treatments focus on clearing their toxic effects on the body and include somatic experiencing, movement therapy, nature immersion, and more.

The Soul

We lose parts of ourselves to addiction: the parts of us that thrive on connection, love, belonging, and expression. Our treatments are designed to retrieve that side of you through nature, dance, rites of passage, ceremony, and art therapies.

The Spirit

We all have a spirit or an energy body. Addiction disrupts our energetic field, causing imprints for disease to appear, which dysregulates the nervous system. At The Sanctuary, we use energy medicine as a key aspect of our healing program to bring you back into balance and wellbeing.

If you ignore any parts of yourself in the treatment process, the impact of addiction could still be living there and can show up again in the future. Our holistic approach to treating prescription drug addiction heals the whole self – and when that happens, the need to use naturally falls away.

How Do Holistic Non-12 Step Rehabs Compare to Alcoholics Anonymous?

Alcoholics Anonymous is based on the principles of 12 Steps and includes admitting that you cannot control your addiction. This is built on the belief that a person cannot recover from addiction, but can only manage its symptoms.

It’s important to remember that AA is a useful forum for many, especially with the valuable support and community it provides. At the same time, some people have found that this approach wasn’t quite enough to truly heal what they had going on inside.

Our Holistic Non-12-Step Treatment for Prescription Drug Addiction program, on the other hand, is based on a completely different paradigm. We believe it’s possible to be fully recovered from addiction. When you’re recovered, addiction isn’t your identity: you no longer misuse prescription medication because you simply don’t want to.

I’ve Been in AA for Years, Is Non-12 Step Holistic Treatment Right for Me?

Holistic non-12 Step treatment for prescription drug addiction is based on a completely different belief system from AA. We don’t view you as someone with a lifelong illness. Instead, we believe it’s possible to get to the root of your issues and truly move beyond them.

Understanding where addiction comes from. When someone is addicted to drinking or drugs, they’re seeking external sources of fulfillment as a coping mechanism for unresolved trauma. This trauma pulls them away from their authentic self – the part that feels love, joy, unity, and belonging – leaving a void inside.

Unpacking trauma. Holistic non-12 Step treatment helps you unpack trauma – the root cause of addiction. This trauma can affect any part of you (mind, body, soul, or spirit) so it’s important to account for all of them in the treatment process. Different therapies to safely unpack trauma include inner-child therapy, trauma release exercise (TRE), energy-based therapies, and more.

Healing from trauma. You cannot fully recover until you’ve addressed the issues underlying your addiction. Once these have been dealt with, the real healing begins. This complete healing journey allows you to find fulfillment and discover your life’s passions.

What Makes Non-12 Step Holistic Treatment so Impactful?

Ongoing prescription drug abuse takes a toll on the mind. It disrupts the natural flow of chemicals in your brain and impedes the process of neuroplasticity.

The importance of chemical balance in addiction recovery: When taking prescription medication, you create chemical imbalances in the brain which take a long time to correct. Neurotransmitters – your body’s chemical messengers – are disrupted. This impacts your ability to regulate mood, hunger levels, decision-making abilities, and more. Restoring chemical balance allows your brain to function normally again.

The importance of neuroplasticity in addiction recovery:  Modern science proves that the human brain can form new neural connections and change in response to thoughts and experiences. Contrary to common rehab-industry belief, you are capable of rewiring your brain. Prescription medication negatively impacts brain function, but these changes can be reversed.

Holistic treatments accelerate the process of neuroplasticity and restoring chemical balance.

Is Full Recovery Really Possible?

At The Sanctuary, we believe it’s possible to be free from addiction. When you’re recovered:

  • You don’t misuse prescription medication because you don’t want to. You’re in the right relationship with yourself.
  • You’ve healed your underlying issues.
  • You aren’t identified by your past.
  • You’re no longer a victim of compulsive behaviors.

Find out What our Non-12 Step Treatment Program can do for You

This is what past clients of The Sanctuary had to say about our program:

“With The Sanctuary, you learn that you can heal. You don’t have to identify with your addiction, trauma, or people who hurt you. It goes away. That’s not who you really are.”

“I can touch my soul today. I felt how that soul grew again. It’s bright and light and illuminated.”

At The Sanctuary, we take great care in understanding your story. Everybody who battles with addiction has a different background. That’s why we don’t limit you to one, prescribed approach. Instead, we encourage you to explore treatment paths until you find what best suits you.

Our therapies help you heal from your past traumas and rediscover a life you’re passionate about – one where you want to show up for yourself and those around you.

Contact us to begin your recovery journey today.

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