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Non-12 Step Addiction Treatment Center

Non-12 Step Addiction Treatment Center. Many people who have been through 12-Step programs have told they’re powerless over their addiction; that once they become an addict, they’ll be that way for life. But continually receiving the message that you’re incurable and broken forever often has a counterproductive effect – it reinforces the addiction. It takes away the hope of ever making a full recovery.

If you feel like you’ve been through countless 12-Step programs and have been searching fruitlessly for a solution, we’re here to tell you that there is a better way.

The Sanctuary’s non-12-Step rehab program doesn’t just treat the symptoms of addiction. We focus on treating its underlying causes. We also dedicate our full attention to seeing you for who you are, understanding what you’re going through and meeting you where you’re at. We don’t pressure you to do anything you don’t feel ready for. We create an environment where you can relax and be yourself.

Our non-12-Step inpatient recovery process begins with gentle therapies to calm your nervous system. When you start to feel more settled and comfortable, you’ll be better prepared for the changes you experience throughout the healing process. Then, the real work begins.

Will Non-12-Step Addiction Treatment Really Work?

When addiction treatment first became a popular practice in the US, the 12 Steps were the only available program. But as the Steps are designed more for maintenance than for therapy, simply working them wasn’t enough to keep most people sober. That’s why treatment centers developed – and why over 95% of them are still based on the 12 Steps to this day.

At The Sanctuary Non-12 Step Addiction Treatment Center, we aren’t against the 12 Steps. We recognize and deeply appreciate how they’ve helped so many people over the years. But many people who find The Sanctuary come to us because they’ve found the 12-Step model to be limiting. It has taken them only so far, and they want more: a more profound, transformative, sustainable healing experience.

We believe that people are so diverse that recovery can’t be a one-size-fits-all process. If the 12 Steps haven’t been effective for you, it’s important to find something that is. And it’s entirely possible for you to get well, and recover the self that you were born to be.

Our program takes you through a deep healing process that includes a robust selection of therapies for the mind, body, soul and spirit. After some time spent in our program, you’ll begin to get a clearer picture of your situation and how it came to be. And when you understand why you were behaving in certain ways, you’ll realize there’s no need to do it anymore. In fact, many of our clients find that rather than being preoccupied with relapse, they don’t use anymore because they don’t want to.

Why are Non-12-Step Addiction Treatment Programs Successful?

A remarkable amount of scientific evidence now supports the possibility of full recovery. Two scientific phenomena that weigh heavily in the recovery process are:


Epigenetics is the science of human gene expression. While we are born with a certain genetic blueprint, but whether or not those genes express themselves is a function of external stimulation. That external stimulation takes place in the form of our thoughts – what we believe and what we choose to focus on. What you think about, how you feel and what you believe in affects your genetic functioning. This means that no genetic makeup is a guarantee for a life of addiction.


Neuroplasticity is the science of how the brain changes over the course of time. It’s long been known that, because of its effects on the dopamine reward system, addiction “rewires” the brain. But new science also proves the extent to which the brain can heal itself from the disease of addiction by creating new neural pathways that don’t include those impulses.

The Sanctuary’s holistic non-12-Step treatment program is soundly grounded in science. As part of our program, we offer coursework on the science of addiction so that you can understand exactly how it’s affecting you. And while there’s a wealth of information, it’s all designed to be easy for you to absorb, retain, and integrate into your life.

I’m Terrified of Relapsing. Is Non-12-Step Addiction Treatment for Me?

Relapsing after treatment is a completely understandable concern, and we’ve taken thorough steps to address it. The Sanctuary has pioneered a holistic, integrative treatment model – and this includes groundbreaking continuing care. Our 60-day model takes aftercare to a whole new level, and is based on a well-rounded suite of support that includes:

Transition Planning

While you’re staying at The Sanctuary, you’ll work with your therapist to develop a plan for staying sober and well after your return home. This includes connecting with local therapists, healers and support groups, as well as making sure you have a solid support network in place.

Ora Ring Technology

Beginning in residential treatment, you’ll wear a device that measures your biometrics, so that you can gain a better understanding of your patterns and more easily predict when you’re headed towards relapse or high-risk situations. You’ll also answer emotional questions and create a bio-emotional profile so that by the time you leave treatment, your device is attuned to be as helpful to your specific situation as possible.

One-on-one Counseling

You’ll continue to meet with one of the therapists that you worked with at The Sanctuary, who will be there to support you through challenges that arise – whether it’s triggers, family issues or environmental concerns.

Group Recovery Coaching

You’ll join weekly group calls to cover recovery topics and continue the work you began during treatment. This provides support for your new, holistic lifestyle: eating and taking care of yourself in a way that supports your recovery and walking the healing path you stepped onto in treatment. These topical discussions build on the knowledge base you gained at The Sanctuary.

When it comes to how fully you can step into your life, the sky is the limit. The Sanctuary’s non-12-Step rehab program makes sure that what you learn in treatment doesn’t dissipate the moment you leave, but gets integrated into your life for lasting fulfillment.

Can You Tell Me About Your Clients’ Experience?

Here’s what a few of our clients have said about their healing journey at The Sanctuary:

“It is a place like no other, where you heal your soul, and become your authentic self. You learn how to be aware, and how to truly live a full, complete, and connected life.”

“A safe place with open, experienced staff where you can focus on your wellbeing while learning tools to maintain and improve your life once you leave.”

“A process that with an open mind and a willingness has worked miracles in my life.”

Get Help From Qualified, Experienced Holistic Therapists

Conventional treatment tells us that our brains will never get better – and therefore we need to be on medication, or in recovery, for the rest of our lives. That worldview keeps us stuck in a state in which the disease of addiction is merely pushed away, waiting to return the moment you relax your guard. And constantly thinking about being an addiction reinforces the very brain chemistry that makes your behavior feel so out of control. Being “in recovery” means you’re defined by your addiction.

We’re interested in another story – one in which you get to stop being defined by your addiction, your trauma, and your past. We want you to be defined by who you’re becoming, and we know that the possibilities for that are unlimited.

This journey isn’t just about what happens in treatment; it’s about creating an entirely new life for yourself. Our goal is to equip you with the tools you need to actualize what you learn here in your everyday life. Regardless of what your previous experience has been, you’ll leave The Sanctuary with an awareness of the incredible opportunity you have to live an amazing life.

It’s possible to be recovered. It’s possible to go through life without addiction at the forefront of your mind. You are so much more than addiction.

If you go through The Sanctuary’s non-12-Step healing process, you likely won’t want to use drugs and alcohol again, because you’ll want to be present and available for a life that excites you.

Are you ready to take that step? We’re ready to help. Contact us today to get started.

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