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photo Lily Hanks

Lily Hanks

Complementary Health Practitioner

Raised in Colorado, Lily developed a profound connection to nature and the land, which became instrumental in her journey toward wellness. Despite facing the challenges of addiction for numerous years, she eventually found the path to sobriety, through a combination of resilience, dedication, and a commitment to holistic practices.

As an alumnus of The Sanctuary, she has firsthand experience navigating the complexities of addiction and understands the importance of a supportive community in the recovery process. Her journey led them to explore various modalities of healing, ultimately attending the Four Winds to deepen her understanding of energy work as an energy practitioner.

Her approach to healing is deeply rooted in the wisdom of nature, incorporating different breathwork and meditation techniques, as well as other ancient healing practices, to facilitate profound transformations. Through her work, she empowers others to embark on their own healing journeys, guiding them toward a path of self-discovery, balance, and wholeness.