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Alex Rozinski, headshot

Alex Rozinski

Complementary Health Practitioner

Alex is a complementary health practitioner and behavioral health technician at the Sanctuary. He is a graduate of the Four Winds Society’s Light Body School. Along with being an energy medicine practitioner, he teaches clients about the medicine wheel, meditation, and evolutionary life skills for success and abundance in life after treatment.

Alex is a living and breathing success story of the Sanctuary. He has launched from battling addiction to living his life’s purpose in service to others. He has experience as a competitive youth soccer coach and spent time living in an intentional community in Hawaii. He has a deep connection to nature and brings nature’s healing touch to his life and work at the Sanctuary. His fun, compassionate, adventurous nature is contagious to those around him. He perceives life as an ever-flowing river of opportunity to grow and evolve and helps others to view their lives in meaningful ways. His unique life experiences, including being a father and raising a family bring a special quality to his work at the Sanctuary.