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Victoria Abel, MA, MNT

Addiction Nutritionist

Victoria is a licensed nutritionist specializing in working with addiction, both process and chemical. She began her work in 1994 at inpatient treatment, being trained as a therapist working with trauma, family systems, and all types of addiction. During this time, she received her first Master’s degree in Counseling, specializing in Depth Psychology. From there she worked with clients with severely compromised eating disorders. After the birth of her daughter, she moved north and began teaching at Prescott College in the Human Development department. In 2004 she became a full Instructor there and her life path changed. Her daughter became critically ill and not satisfied with the doctor’s assessment, Victoria rediscovered naturopathic medicine. Though raised with a more natural and holistic approach to life, this was a test of Victoria’s faith in alternative medicine. The course of action for healing her daughter was supplements and a dramatic change in diet. Within days, her daughter improved 75% after removing gluten and dairy from her intake of food. Victoria was hooked on the healing power of food.

She completed the Master Nutrition Therapist program through Nutrition Therapy Institute and was able to integrate nutrition therapy into her counseling practice. She now works with clients in a multitude of venues to provide support, encouragement, education, and hands-on skills to help people health their relationship with food, heal the body as well as the mind. This also builds confidence in their ability to provide healthy, delicious, and nutritious food for themselves. Along with Naturopaths, Therapists, Doctors, and support services, Victoria and her staff help to complete holistic, integrative, and evidence-based practices for whole-body healing.