Can Organic Food Affect Brain Function?

The organic industry is booming right now, because more people are learning more about the health benefits of choosing organic ingredients instead of conventional food. A quick search online will uncover a number of resources that show how organic food is better than crops raised with pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Most people logically know that they should probably avoid these harmful chemicals, but they don’t have a good understanding about why not consuming organically grown food can be so dangerous for their health.

At the Sanctuary at Sedona, we have enlisted the help of a number of professionals to understand how diet and nutrition impacts brain function. Through the research, it has been uncovered that there are several ways that organic foods can impact brain function. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Organic Food is Free of Harmful Toxins that Impact Your Brain

Pesticides and other toxic chemicals are commonly used in conventional farming, and doctors have found that these chemicals can play a negative role in brain function and development. For example, even though a conventionally grown apple might appear to be perfectly healthy, there were many chemicals and dangerous chemicals that were used to grow the apple. You can’t see these chemicals when you look at the apple, but you are ingesting all of the chemicals with each bite that you take.

On the other hand, organic food is raised without the harmful toxins that are so common with conventionally raised ingredients. By switching to organic foods instead of conventional food, you can reduce the exposure to these chemicals, which in turn reduces the toxic exposure. It has been estimated that there are 45 pesticides on the market, and many of these pesticides have been found to have a damaging effect on the brain and nervous system. Choosing organic ingredients is one of the simplest and most effective things that you can do to avoid this toxic exposure.

Organic Food Boosts Nutrient Levels within the Body

Your brain and all other major functions within the body are directly impacted by the nutrients that you consume each day. Many people are stuck in negative habits and they eat junk food that is missing essential nutrients. These poor dietary habits play a direct role in brain health, and the best way to boost brain health is to improve your nutrition.

Certain researchers have suggested that organic foods have higher vitamin and mineral content, which means that you are getting higher levels of nutrition by choosing organic foods instead of conventional alternatives.

Dietary Changes to Boost Brain Function

Here at The Sanctuary at Sedona, we know that overall health and wellness plays a direct role in brain health. Dietary choices are the foundation of good health, and if you want to improve your brain function to overcome addiction or other health problems then you need to focus on improving your diet.

Our non 12 step holistic addiction recovery program is focused on a healthy diet, as well as other natural methods that can be used to restore balance and overcome addictive habits. We invite you to contact us to learn more about the program and the types of holistic addiction recovery treatments that are used.