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Jenna Israel, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Jenna Israel has a master degree in Counseling Psychology with a focus on Somatic therapies. Jenna is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) in the state of Arizona, and is the primary therapist at The Sanctuary. She provides individual sessions focusing on the mind, body, soul and spirit. In addition, Jenna provides couple and family sessions as clients begin to bring closure to their time at the Sanctuary and facilitates weekly groups that include; process, understanding root causes of addiction, recovery tool time and emotional release. She brings a sense of vulnerability and authenticity to her work at The Sanctuary while offering a safe space for clients to heal, thus helping guide them back home to their heart and supporting them in awakening to their true self.

Since 1995 Jenna has applied her skills in a variety of capacities and settings. Her graduate work focused on healing trauma and addiction through the practices of mindfulness and somatic therapies. She also created a mindfulness-based curriculum as part of her master’s work.

Jenna is fully trained in EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) and has been practicing EMDR for 5 years with a strong emphasis on attachment focused EMDR. Jenna is an SEP (somatic experiencing practitioner), a three-year intensive trauma training program that emphasizes nervous system regulation. Jenna recently completed the NARM (neuro affect relational model) an intensive trauma training program that heals developmental trauma. Both EMDR, SE and NARM are powerful therapies to heal all types of trauma and Jenna has witnessed transformative results with her clients. Over the course of her career Jenna has worked as a primary therapist and a trauma and family therapist at several addictions treatment centers.

While working with Jenna over a 30-day in-patient program here at the Sanctuary, she will:

-Employ a diversity of healing modalities to support others in coming home to their authentic self.

-Help her clients release internal and external obstacles that keep them stuck in the same destructive cycles.

-Support her clients in recognizing their innate resources and their capacity to heal and experience their own resiliency.

-Teach her clients how to regulate their own nervous system so they can rediscover feeling peaceful and joyful.

-Work with her clients to discover what brings a sense of meaning and purpose to their lives and what steps they can take to manifest their dreams.