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photo Lauren Maizlish

Lauren Maizlish

Complementary Health Practitioner

Lauren, originally from Park City, Utah, holds a Bachelor of Science in Health and Kinesiology with a Minor in Nutrition from the University of Utah. Her exploration into the intricate realms of the mind-body connection during her studies ignited a profound passion within her. As an alumna of the program, she transmuted her own struggles with depression into pathways of healing, a journey that defined her commitment to wholeness.

Fuelled by her personal journey and a desire to be of service to others, Lauren pursued further education at the Four Winds Society’s Light Body School, where she became a practitioner of Shamanic Energy Medicine. 

Lauren finds solace and elation in the rhythm of dance, the melodies of music, the embrace of nature, and the guidance of divination tools such as oracle cards. She is particularly drawn to the power of breathwork and somatic experiencing, recognizing their potential for deep healing and transformation. Rooted in the belief that vulnerability breeds strength and change sparks growth, she embodies compassion as a guiding force for transformative change.