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photo Sarah Jetton

Sarah Jetton

Garden Manager

Sarah Jetton is a Holistic and Ecological Arts practitioner and has been in professional practice for 30 years. Her primary focus is healing for people and the earth. At the Sanctuary, Sarah is our Garden Manager, directing and providing supplemental farm-to-table produce for our community meals, creating an oasis of paradise for clients to visit and experience Garden Meditation classes.

● BA in English and Studio Art, University of Vermont

● Special studies in Aboriginal Art and Culture at Murdoch University, Fremantle, Australia

● Master Gardener. Experienced steward of the land for over 30 years growing organic food, flowers, plants and medicines through natural process farming, permaculture and regenerative agricultural practices. Locations have included Arkansas, Vermont, Massachusetts, Colorado, Australia, New Zealand, France, California, and Arizona.

● Massage Therapy & Reiki certification, Diamond Light School of Massage & Healing Arts

● Co-Active Coach certification from Co-Active Training Institute

● Health & Wellness Coach since 2013 ● Trained Practitioner in Marshall Rosenberg’s NVC (non violent communication)

● Advanced Meditation Practitioner: Insight, Loving Kindness, Visualization, Somatic, and Movement. 20-plus years student of Spirit Rock Meditation Center led by Jack Kornfield and many other great teachers.

● Former Director of the Boulder Children’s Community Garden where food was grown into playgrounds, creating curriculum and educational experiences for all ages to thrive in.

● Art & garden teacher for private and public educational institutions.

● Special focus on Land Art sculptures initially inspired by her studies with the Aboriginal People of Western Australia where she was a student of Dreamtime theory, the cosmology of Land and Spirit.

● Director of The Living Sculpture Project which produces large-scale land art installations designed from natural elements to inspire deeper connection, healing, education, and higher states of consciousness for all living beings.

Sarah is passionate about our connection with the earth and our health. It was through her own personal journey in trauma healing that working with the earth brought her back to life. She rediscovered her joy and vitality and loves to share with others all the generous ways our earth mother loves and heals us. Providing nutritious food, regulating the nervous system, herbal medicine, and even getting our hands dirty in the garden increases our serotonin levels which is a natural antidepressant and strengthens the immune system.

She is grateful to share her services at The Sanctuary.