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Michelle McClatchie, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Michelle McClatchie MA LPC Mindfulness Therapist and Spiritual Counselor

Michelle McClatchie is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Spiritual Counselor, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, and Integration Coach. She offers the Sanctuary Alumni Retreats and the Sanctuary Aftercare Program called The Bridge – Learning Sanctuary, Living Sanctuary. With over 20 years of experience, she’s committed to helping people heal, awaken and find peace in their lives. Her therapeutic process empowers people to be their own healers, release the trauma of the past, realize the answers to their questions lie within and know how to meet their experiences skillfully and with love. She helps people heal through inner child work, nervous system regulation, present moment awareness, and abiding, movement and breath practices, heart-opening compassion and conscious living practices, communication & relationship training, expressive arts, ritual and ceremony, nature and connection to the Sacred- all practices she is deeply dedicated to practicing in her own life. Michelle also specializes in integrative coaching to help her clients truly transform their lives after investing in significant healing experiences through retreats, workshops, treatment programs, and ceremonies. Michelle is a guest teacher with the Flagstaff Insight Meditation Community, a Certified Mindfulness Teacher through UCLA & an active dedicated student of A Course in Miracles and The Sophia Code.
She is the Founder of Many Mindful Moments, offers in-person and online sessions through her private practice in Flagstaff, Arizona, and offers spiritual retreats and intensives worldwide.