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photo Lisa Starr

Lisa Starr

Resident Care Coordinator

As a Minister of the Quero Apache, Lisa is a ceremonialist, shamanic guide, and guardian. Her teachings are rich with the wisdom of ritual and ceremony within a traditional practice of Earth Magic. She teaches how to establish, maintain, and bring the principles of earth wisdom and shamanism into daily practices. Lisa has 20 years of experience in the alternative healing arts, and is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Master Drum Maker. Crafting drums and sacred instruments on behalf of individuals committed to spiritual growth and practices is at the core of her personal journey and fulfills her passion as an Artist.

From 2010-2020, Lisa was the owner builder of Bonita Domes, her private residence, art studio, and vacation retreat located in Joshua Tree, California. Bonita Domes was built using Super Adobe technology with the earth on which it stands. The structure of the dwellings is built on the principles of earth architecture and sacred geometry which further enhanced the experience of self-healing and empowerment for visitors, clients, and guests. During Lisa’s caretaker ship, Bonita Domes boasted a living close to nature experience and an authentic Earth Magic lifestyle.