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Non-12 Step Recovery

Non-12 Step Recovery

Non-12-step-recovery. So many people who struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma and addiction have tried what seems like every possible avenue for finding relief. Therapy, medication medical treatment: so many of our clients come to The Sanctuary because none of these have worked, and they feel a deep need for something different. Conventional routes have taken them as far as they can go, and they’re ready for something else – for more profound, more complete, more sustainable transformation.

The Sanctuary’s non-12 Step recovery program is that missing piece. We’ve developed a cutting-edge treatment pathway, and evolved it over the last 15 years, designed to create true transformation. At our non-12 Step treatment center, you won’t just learn how to manage symptoms. You’ll jumpstart a lifelong personal journey that leads to real healing.

This non-12 Step residential recovery program:

  • Guides you through a four-part journey to lasting life change
  • Combines advanced addiction science, clinical treatment, and holistic healing tools into a comprehensive plan
  • Includes psychotherapy, psychiatry, energy medicine, bodywork, nutrition, movement therapies and more

What Non-12 Step Recovery Programs Are Available?

At The Sanctuary, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment approach. Our passionate team members each bring their own mastery of diverse healing techniques to your experience and work together to create a program that’s totally unique to you. This may include elements such as:

  • Science-based addiction education to expand your understanding of your experience
  • Energy medicine to facilitate soul-level healing
  • Cell-healthy meals and nutritional self-care training
  • Advanced addiction technology such as heartmath, brain mapping, and health-tracking relapse prevention tools

I’ve Relapsed Countless Times. Is Non-12 Step Recovery for Me?

Relapse is extremely common in 12-Step addiction treatment. This may be due in part to the 12 Steps’ founding principle that addiction is an incurable, chronically relapsing disease. This expectation is set for all participants, the program functions on this basis, and as such, behavior follows. Our paradigm differs in that we believe people can change. We believe that – yes – you can be recovered. 

Changing your life for good is possible, and we see it every day at The Sanctuary. Clients who come to us in states of anxiety and confusion often experience profound perceptual shifts once their nervous system calms down, they gain clarity about how their condition came to be and their confusion starts to fall away. Our clients come away with a clear idea of who they are, what they want in their life, and a path to get there with non-12 step addiction recovery.

The Basics of Non-12 Step Recovery

At The Sanctuary, non-12 Step recovery means that people can get better, recover, and no longer be defined by their past – and research supports this.

New science supports the fact that we can overcome addiction, via our natural capacities for:

  • Neuroplasticity – The brain’s ability to adapt and change throughout your life
  • Neurogenesis – The brain’s ability to grow new cells, pathways, and networks
  • Epigenetics – Our ability to affect which genes are expressed activate genes that create health and switch off genes that lead to illness

Modern addiction treatment understands that people don’t have to be defined by their diagnosis or addiction. This understanding allows you to work towards treatment outcomes far beyond what you may have achieved via the traditional treatment approach.

What our Holistic Non-12 Step Recovery Center Can Do

We’ve helped people realize that they’re so much greater than the label that’s been placed on them by 12-Step views. We know real recovery is possible, and we offer you the opportunity to achieve it, using new addiction science, wisdom teachings and restorative spiritual practices.

At The Sanctuary, no part of our non-12 Step rehab program is redundant. Each therapy is a progression of the last, and each team member involved in your care mindfully contributes to the appropriate piece of your journey, weaving a tapestry of total transformation.

Our clinical care component is extremely comprehensive and is carried out via two private therapy sessions per day, in addition to group process work and restorative therapies like trauma release, movement, and creative expression.

We’re here to help you stop suffering – and then recreate your entire life.

What Addictions and Mental Health Disorders can be Treated Through Non-12 Step Treatment?

We welcome anyone who’s going through a serious challenge and ready to make a change in their life. Many of our clients see us for the following concerns.


  • Alcohol
  • Opioids
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamines
  • Prescription drugs
  • Co-occurring disorders
Mood disorders:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Codependency

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Sexual abuse
  • Childhood trauma
  • Childhood sexual abuse
  • Narcissistic abuse

Who is Most at Risk for Addiction and Mental Health Disorders?

We know as well as you do that addicts don’t fit a stereotype. There is no profile for the kind of person who might struggle with addiction, trauma, or depression. That’s because we all have underlying trauma. We want to be accepted, loved, and to know that we’re good enough. But often, life falls short of providing those conditions.

At The Sanctuary, our small community functions like a family of love. And the energy of acceptance that brings to your experience is often enough to begin healing. Our goal is for you to stay with us for as long as you need to get in touch with who you are, get into the flow of your own direction, and establish a momentum of new practices that set the stage for a new life.

What Restrictions are Placed on me as I go Through This Treatment?

The whole point of The Sanctuary’s non-12 Step approach to treating addiction is not to impose restrictions on your growth.

In 12-Step rehab, the identity of addiction can become a constraint, holding you in a place where you can’t move forward into your next step. But new addiction treatment paradigms are realizing that we don’t have to be limited. The healing process The Sanctuary brings you through empowers you to remove the label your diagnosis placed upon you, and truly free yourself of addiction.

Can The Sanctuary at Sedona Really Help me Cure my Addiction or Mental Health Issues Once and For All?

Experienced rehab attendees ourselves, we can say from personal experience that we haven’t seen the diversity, breadth, and depth of our non-12 Step treatment program at any other drug or alcohol rehab. We do, however, acknowledge that treatment can take many forms, and recognize that standard approaches like AA have helped many.

Here’s how some of our former clients describe their healing journey at The Sanctuary:

“Family-oriented community. The holistic approach to mind, body, soul, and spirit is unique and unlike other treatment centers; the intake count is small and individually focused.”

“A beautiful place in the desert that will surprise you at every turn. This is where you come to meet yourself.

“The best healing practice in the United States.”

“Unlike any program available.”

“Alternative healing that works!”

You Have Friends in Sedona Who Can Help

At The Sanctuary, our team considers this work their life’s purpose. We’re dedicated to being of service, sharing our healing gifts, and passing on our knowledge of the addiction recovery process. We’re here to teach you how to connect with the core of who you are, to bring your life into fruition in a way you may never have thought possible.

You can discover the truest part of you, that wants to be completely expressed – and it may not include any further use of drugs and alcohol, now or ever again.

Contact us to start your journey today.

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