What Makes a Truly Holistic Recovery Program?

What Makes a Truly Holistic Recovery Program?

We Have Living Proof that You Can Re-write, Re-experience and Re-create Your Life

What Makes a Truly Holistic Recovery Program? The Sanctuary at Sedona is a non-12 Step holistic addiction recovery program. We were founded by Dean Taraborelli who was a self-proclaimed ‘chronic relapser’, unsuccessfully seeking addiction recovery for 30 years. His journey took him piecemeal through many fine programs and therapies, but piecemeal didn’t work for Dean. We have found again and again that it has not worked for countless people. Dean’s personal answers led to the integrated and holistic program we have today at the Sanctuary. Dean, other members of our staff, and most significantly, our clients, are living proof that radical transformation can occur through a comprehensive, concurrent, and truly holistic effort.

Defining Ourselves

The addiction treatment and recovery world has burgeoned. We find that it is now divided into 12-Step programs and ‘non-12 Step’ or ‘holistic’ programs. While the term ‘holistic’ is now familiar to most people, its meaning in addiction programs is not clear. ‘Holistic’ has come to mean everything that isn’t based upon the 12 Steps. This is unfortunate because there is no standard for what holistic addiction treatment is. It is commonly defined now by what it is not instead of what it is. The Sanctuary has changed that.

We offer more than an alternative to 12 Step programs. We also offer more than an ambiguous category of ‘other stuff’. Our program adheres to a true holistic paradigm. We surround our clients with a comprehensive and intensive array of techniques and modalities that simultaneously address the mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Our program is research-based. It gets to the underlying root causes of addiction so that addiction can be resolved once and for all. We are convinced that, without deep transformation, there can be no true recovery and that chronic relapse is very likely. We are also convinced that if the trauma we carry can be released, our self-destructive behaviors will also be released. Science backs us up.

None of this is automatic just because you come to our program, however. It takes hard work and a willingness to go into a deep exploration of issues. True transformation happens at a very deep level. That is where you can re-write, re-experience, and re-create your life. If you want it and are willing to put it in the work it requires, then it is possible. If you carry the practices we teach you into your life when you leave us, a sustained, full recovery is also possible.

You can hear Kelly, our co-director, speak our non-12 Step philosophy here and Dean speaks about his own recovery experiences here.

If you would like to talk with us about our program or more information, about Holistic Addiction Recovery or any of our holistic non 12 step addiction recovery programs you can contact us by phone at (877) 710-3385, or by email at [email protected]