Holistic Empowerment

Holistic Empowerment—Full and Sustained Addiction Recovery

You Can Have a Sustainable Recovery When You Make the Right Choices

Full and sustained addiction recovery results from intensive interventions across the many realms of life affected by addiction. From cellular and neural healing to up-leveling the quality of your thoughts and beliefs, what emotions you feel, and the behavioral patterns of your daily life, a truly holistic program targets the underlying causes of addiction and eliminates them. The disempowering effects of addiction and co-occurring mental health problems can be neutralized and their damage reversed. You can reclaim the power to choose your actions rather than succumb to compulsive substance use and its obsessions. From there, you can reclaim the rest of your life.

A Multi-disciplinary Program for Holistic Empowerment

The Sanctuary at Sedona uses a multi-disciplinary approach to facilitate the pervasive change needed for holistic empowerment and full addiction recovery. We use nutritional interventions, intensive individual therapy, group activities, state of the art therapeutic technology; allopathic, naturopathic and functional medicine; psychology, psychiatry, recovery coaching, energy medicine, integrative bodywork, yoga, meditation, and wisdom teaching. Individual recovery plans flex daily to meet the evolving needs of each client, and we believe we offer a program unlike anything offered anywhere else in the world. The clinical attention alone is far more individualized and intensive than you will find elsewhere. And, our non-12 Step philosophy and methods are ever-evolving as science reveals more than we can use.

Getting Down to Basics—Dealing with Genetics

Nothing could be more basic than the very genetic material we have to work with when we confront addictions and co-occurring conditions like depression, anxiety, mania or trauma. However, we tend to have a rather fatalistic view of DNA and genetics, feeling at the mercy of both, awaiting our inherited genes to unfold their predetermined plans for us, or hoping a family predisposition toward illness will somehow skip us.

Those of us with addicted relatives, or relatives with mental health problems, know all too well how conditions can ‘run in the family’. And, in turn, if we have one or both of those conditions ourselves, we are likely to have relatives who do, too. It is not surprising that we would believe our genes have betrayed us and there is very little we can do about a ‘family illness’. However, extensive research in the field of epigenetics has proven otherwise.

Scientific research in recent years has dramatically expanded our knowledge of DNA and genetics as well as our understanding of illness and disease. This research has made a significant impact upon our approach to holistic addiction recovery here at the Sanctuary at Sedona. It validates and strengthens what we’ve known from clinical practice in addiction recovery as well as from ancient healing traditions: that our cellular structure can be altered by thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, experiences, and other environmental factors.

When Genetics Meet the Environment

The field of epigenetics shows us that DNA may give us the rough sketch of who we are, but our choices greatly determine how our genes will express themselves. For those of us with significant family histories of illness, this is very good news. We don’t have to accept a family legacy of disease. And, if we have an illness like addiction or a mental health problem, we don’t have to accept them as life-long ailments that can only at best be managed into remission. We can do much, much better than that with holistic empowerment at the core of a recovery plan. Essentially, we can take action to switch on healthful gene expression and suppress those that sabotage natural and healthful systemic balance.

Our choices are at the heart of the matter–where our genes meet the environmental factors we expose them to. And, that ‘environment’ includes the thoughts, emotions, and beliefs we surround them with as well as the types of experiences we have in the world. This means we have countless options and opportunities for optimal health with the right education and the right action. Our recovery interventions help you develop a lifestyle practice that optimizes your experience in body, mind, soul, and spirit—the very footholds of addiction and
co-occurring conditions in our lives.

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