The Empowerment Process of Holistic Addiction Recovery

The Empowerment Process of Holistic Addiction Recovery

Are You Ready for a Whole Life Radical Transformation Through Holistic Addiction Recovery?

The empowerment process of holistic addiction recovery reverses the course of your life from the inside out, tackling everything from dramatic biological change to your ability to take effective positive action. Personal empowerment is the deep transformation necessary to fully recover from any addiction and to sustain full recovery with an optimized lifestyle that makes no room for pervasive and insidious effects of addiction. Addiction is a whole person’s whole life condition, and a holistic addiction recovery is a whole person, whole life radical transformation.

Be Free of an Addiction-Focused Life

Recovery empowerment is a process. It always begins in discomfort, misgivings, anxiety, and fear, but it gains steady momentum quickly with the right help. You break through the vicious and destructive cycle of addiction to replace it with meaningful and purposeful activity of your own choosing. With the empowerment process of holistic addiction recovery, you don’t have to live in constant fear and vigilance of addiction after you’ve healed its underlying causes. You won’t use substances because you don’t want to and you don’t have to.

Empowerment is Evidenced in Your Life

Empowerment in addiction recovery is more than a feeling. It is demonstrated by positive and profound effects that are observable and measurable. Free of obsession and compulsion, self-defeating behaviors and self-sabotaging beliefs, personal empowerment in addiction recovery deeply heals whatever substance use has compromised–from basic biological and neurological functioning to the cognitive, emotional, behavioral, social and spiritual realms of life.

Substance Use Disempowers From the Inside Out

Active addiction requires that we surrender to its ever-evolving agenda and dynamics, and we are left dependent upon something that controls our choices, goals, and activities. Meanwhile, we become increasingly helpless, hopeless, and out of control, progressively more and more ‘dedicated’ to the demands of the illness. Of course, we are unwilling participants. No one wants to live life entrapped in pain, but symptoms of the illness ensure that we obsess about drug use and that we compulsively continue it, no matter how bad things get.

Substance use dissipates and depletes the personal power you need to navigate life’s challenges and to realize your goals for happy and successful living. As addiction settles into our lives, our energies and resources are increasingly given over to sustaining it. The sad reality is that we cultivate addiction first as a solution for our lives, looking for respite, benefit, solace or power, but prolonged substance use inevitably betrays us. Eventually, no longer a solution, it becomes a far more urgent problem than we started out with. Holistic recovery reverses that at a deep and sustainable level.

Empowerment happens from the inside out, too. We gather internal strength that is far greater than the mental or emotional resolve that inevitably fails us when our basic biological and brain functioning can’t follow through. Empowered living is a literal and concrete process that starts the very moment you stop using. Withdrawal and detox is the biological, chemical and neurological turning of the tides. They begin re-empowerment at basic biological and psychological levels, allowing you to quickly springboard to other necessary forms of healing.

Cellular Re-empowerment

With withdrawal and detox, corrosive and debilitating processes are arrested biologically and neurologically. We begin to power up at a cellular level throughout the body—in tissues, organs, glands, the immune system, the brain, and the nervous system. The current of our natural life force no longer flows toward sustaining physical and psychological dependence upon substances. Cells regenerate, neurons sprout, and neural pathways are reconfigured as our innate regenerative processes resume. Our internal support systems, from the cellular up to thoughts, emotions, and the actions we take, reverse the pervasive, system-wide decline addiction has caused.

There is Always Hope for Transformation

There is always hope for transformation, no matter how beleaguered you feel, and no matter how many times you have tried to recover. The Sanctuary at Sedona takes a radically different view of addiction and what it takes to recover. Our vision of recovery is likely to be dramatically different than what you have encountered before. If you or a loved one is addicted, we are happy to discuss our program, methods, and recovery philosophy with you. Many people have fully recovered with us and we have the tools, research-based methods, and intensive interventions that can help you, too.

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