Why PTSD Requires a Holistic Recovery Approach

Living with post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is no walk in the park. You may never feel safe, believing every stranger to be a threat. It may cause you to spend most of your time alone because you’re scared of being around people – even people you know. You might be afraid to go to […]

Codependency and The Need to be Needed

Sometimes it’s nice to feel needed – knowing that your partner, family or friends can rely on you can be rewarding and strengthen the bonds of your relationships. But needing to be needed is highly toxic to your mental health and your relationships. This need, known as codependency, is defined as “an excessive and pervasive […]

What is a Dual Diagnosis Holistic Recovery Center?

Increasingly widespread, dual diagnoses (also known as co-occurring disorders) affect over 7.9 million people in the US today. They’re complex and carry far-reaching consequences, and if you struggle with one, you know that finding the right treatment for it is both absolutely critical and hard to do. Let’s take a look at exactly what dual […]

Traditional Addiction Treatment May Actually Cause Stress

Traditional addiction treatment remains focused on symptom management and supports a life sentence of always being “in recovery.”  Typical addiction rehabilitation programs tend to focus on “problem solving,” and always staying one step ahead of the addiction.  Popular 12 step slogans warn, “You are only one drink away from a drunk”; “Remember that addiction is […]

Dual Diagnosis in Non 12 Step, Holistic Addiction Recovery Treatment

Dual diagnosis is defined as a concurrent mental health issue such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc., combined with a substance use disorder or addiction.  Dual diagnosis is also referred to as co-occurring disorders, which means a person has two or more issues happening at the same time.  Dual diagnoses are common, and it is estimated […]

What Makes Integrative Addiction Recovery Different?

Over the last decade, there has been a welcome expansion in options for addiction recovery beyond the traditional 12 Step model. With just a little research, it is possible to identify numerous alternatives in treatment programs offering “Non-12 Step” and “Holistic” approaches to addiction recovery. The nature and scope of these programs, however, vary widely […]

Addiction is a Symptom of Something Deeper – Dean’s Story

The Truth about Addiction and RecoveryIt means a lot to be helped by people who have walked in your shoes, and who are not only highly trained clinically, but who understand your struggle from the inside out. The Sanctuary at Sedona gives you that. In fact, our non-12 Step, holistic recovery program had its origins […]

The Empowerment Process of Holistic Addiction Recovery

  Are You Ready for a Whole Life Radical Transformation Through Holistic Addiction Recovery?The empowerment process of holistic addiction recovery reverses the course of your life from the inside out, tackling everything from dramatic biological change to your ability to take effective positive action. Personal empowerment is the deep transformation necessary to fully recover from […]

Food is Medicine – a Holistic Addiction Recovery Approach

Science is Proving that Nutrition is a Strong Component in Healing Unfortunately, it can be rare in our culture to consciously use food for healing except in small ways—the hot soup or tea when we have a cold, for example, or the salads that help us lose weight… However, science now very convincingly proves nutrition to […]

Holistic Empowerment—Full and Sustained Addiction Recovery

You CAN have a sustainable recovery when you make the right choicesHolistic empowerment results from intensive interventions across the many realms of life affected by addiction. From cellular and neural healing to upleveling the quality of your thoughts and beliefs, what emotions you feel, and the behavioral patterns of your daily life, a truly holistic […]