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Holistic Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

Holistic Treatment for Dual Diagnosis. Sometimes life feels like it’s been overwhelming for so long, it’s hard to know what the original problem was. And when addiction and mental health concerns occur at the same time, it can be hard to tell where one starts and the other begins. If you’re noticing any of the following signs, you might be suffering from what’s called a dual diagnosis, or co-occurring disorder:

  • Using alcohol, drugs or compulsive behaviors (like sex or eating) to avoid your emotional stress
  • Disproportionate reactions to quitting substances, like violent outbursts or suicidal thoughts
  • Only feeling like “yourself” when you’re using
  • A family or personal history of mental illness, along with escalating substance abuse

The Sanctuary of Sedona provides world-class treatment for people who are suffering from depression with substance abuse, and co-occurring mental health issues. But how does holistic treatment for healing dual diagnosis work?

What Exactly is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is the treatment of addiction and a psychological disorder, in tandem. A lot of people who struggle with mental health conditions end up with co-occurring disorders. People often use drugs to self-medicate underlying conditions that they may or may not know are there. This might mean:

  • Self-medicating depression with cocaine or prescription stimulants
  • Self-medicating anxiety with alcohol and benzodiazepines
  • Self-medicating borderline personality disorder (BPD) with poly-drug use (using multiple drugs without a specific preference for, or dependence on, one)

Dual diagnoses are surprisingly common. In fact, it’s estimated that around 60% of those who struggle with addiction also have a mental health condition. Because these two things are absolutely related – addiction is often the result of untreated psychological disorder – they create a synergistic effect that carries a higher risk for relapse and serious health problems. We see this in our practice at The Sanctuary: people who come to us for addiction often find that their core issue is really unresolved trauma. 

Because addiction has everything to do with our desire to relieve our uncomfortable internal state, finding out what’s causing it is a critical component of holistic health lasting recovery. That’s why treating co-occurring disorders holistically is an essential part of a successful treatment process.

How to Take Advantage of Holistic Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

While the conventional Western-medicine approach typically sees addiction and mental illness as separate afflictions, holistic treatment takes into account how all aspects of self are affected. Holistic treatment for dual diagnosis looks not only at your mind but also your body, soul, and spirit as equally important components of the healing process. It understands that all parts of the picture must be brought into balance in order to restore you to a state of wellness and wholeness.

The Sanctuary is staffed by a team of humble, knowledgeable, and incredibly passionate therapists who see your healing journey as a collaborative endeavor. Rather than just treating your illness, they empower you to explore yourself more deeply and get to the root cause of what brought you to where you are. We then draw on our plethora of diverse therapies to heal those causes of addiction and pain, so you can bring yourself back into a healthy relationship with all the necessary parts of your life.

How Does a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program Work?

Until recently, dual diagnoses were treated separately: those with co-occurring disorders first received treatment for their addiction, then for their psychological disorder. But because addiction and mental health issues are so closely linked, it’s been shown to be more effective to treat them simultaneously – because it’s impossible to heal from an addiction when the very things driving it are still in play.

Dual diagnosis treatment at The Sanctuary may include a detailed medication review with our licensed psychiatrist, who also employs a deep understanding of holistic care. The beginning of your stay with us will be focused on calming your nervous system and allowing you to adjust to your environment, making sure you’re completely comfortable before delving into any sensitive topics. Treatment consists of a highly personalized and deeply effective program that combines individual and group counseling, energy therapies, nutritional support and a selection of healing modalities. And it all takes place in our cozy, relaxed environment, where you’ll feel like one of the family.

Is Holistic Treatment for Dual Diagnosis Still Possible?

Even if you’ve tried treatment elsewhere before and found yourself back in the relapse cycle, remember that recovery is possible – and there may be a different way to reach it. Our previous clients say The Sanctuary is:

“A place to reconnect with yourself, other people, and whatever it is you believe in, on a deeper level than you thought possible. A place to go home. A place to integrate and find wholeness. A safe place to cry, laugh, scream, be yourself, and seek deep healing.”

“An oasis of hope for healing and reconnection to oneself, holistic and based on scientifically supported information.”

Our Goal is to Help You Overcome Co-occurring Disorders Holistically

Here, we don’t believe that you’re broken or unable to ever be free of addiction. In fact, we take it further than that: we believe that getting sober is just the first step. True, holistic recovery isn’t about abstaining from substances – it’s about living a life that’s so fulfilling, substances don’t even matter.

It’s possible. We can help you get there.

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