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Holly Rose photo

Holly Rose

Admissions Coordinator
Holly has spent over thirty years exploring both her inner and outer world developing a very full “toolbox” of experiential knowledge and education within the shamanic healing arts and personal development world. She’s always learning as she continues her own path of healing and transformation at the Soul level.
Her background is varied and extensive… from being a successful entrepreneur and athlete in the equestrian world to certification with Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid, and Linda Tellington-Jones (TTOUCH) to name a few.  She also has been blessed to work with top personal development innovators such as Bob Proctor, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracey, and Tony Robbins.  This very diverse background has given her the ability to speak to people from all backgrounds and circumstances with an open and compassionate heart.
In addition, she has walked alongside a loved one who experienced challenges in addiction and behavioral health, enabling her to understand the nuances of addiction, trauma, and depression not only for the person in need but as a family member.