Why you should travel to Arizona for rehab

Why You Should Travel to Arizona for Rehab

Looking for a place to seek addiction treatment can be challenging, especially if you have to spend time away from your loved ones and temporarily uproot your life. Remember that once you’ve decided to seek treatment, your loved ones will support you, regardless of where you seek treatment.

Traveling to Arizona has many benefits for those struggling with addiction, such as diverse therapy options, stunning scenery and weather and the privacy you need to recover in peace. You’ll want to conduct plenty of research to ensure you choose a rehab facility that accommodates your needs and provides the treatment you need.

Things to Consider 

Arizona has many rehab facilities, so consider different factors to ensure you choose a facility that offers the best treatment. Some factors to consider include:

  • Amenities: If you’re staying in a residential rehab facility, look for amenities that help you feel comfortable, aiding your recovery. The right amenities can help treat your body, mind and soul, helping you recover fully. Some amenities to look for include private showers or bathrooms, access to a phone, Wi-Fi and individually controlled HVAC.
  • Therapy options: Ensure you get the most from your rehab facility by looking at different addiction treatment options. The best facility will have various therapies and treatments to help you achieve whole-body healing, such as behavioral therapy, expressive art therapies, acceptance commitment therapy, energy medicine therapies and more. 
  • Accommodations: You’ll want your stay at a residential facility to be as comfortable as possible to aid your recovery. Looking for the right residential accommodations can help you feel at home while you overcome addiction. Your room should be comfortable and inviting, helping you feel safe throughout your treatment. A good night’s rest is just as crucial to recovery as therapy. 
  • Alumni: You should look for a rehab facility with an alumni support program to ensure you have support after your treatment, helping prevent a relapse. Alumni support programs may have regular meetups or activities to help encourage sobriety while allowing you to connect with others who understand what you’re going through and how to help.
  • Location: Selecting a facility in the same city or town you live in can make it challenging to escape your addiction triggers, which can delay or offset your recovery. You want to choose a facility that makes you feel comfortable, so the ideal rehab facility will also offer privacy to recover in peace.

Benefits of Treatment in Sedona, Arizona

Seeking treatment from The Sanctuary at Sedona lets you recover in one of Arizona’s best and most beautiful destinations. We’re a rehab in Arizona in the small city of Sedona that sits close to Coconino National Forest, far enough away from major cities to enjoy a peaceful and private recovery. Sedona is home to stunning pine forests, steep canyon walls and red-rock buttes. 

Benefits of addiction treatment in Sedona

Seeking treatment in Sedona, Arizona, has many distinct benefits, including the following:

Desert Environment

When you travel to Sedona to seek addiction treatment in Arizona, you’ll have the opportunity to live surrounded by beautiful and unique scenery. You can start your healing process surrounded by nature and a stimulating environment that can benefit your physical and mental health.

Choosing treatment in Sedona gives you a home away from home, helping you improve your emotional health while working through addiction. Some treatments can take place outdoors, so you can soak in the natural beauty and let Sedona’s calm, peaceful surroundings aid your recovery.

More Therapy Options

The Sanctuary at Sedona has numerous treatment options, many of which differ from those at a traditional treatment center. We focus on a holistic approach, aiming to heal the body, mind and soul rather than just your addiction. We utilize evidence-based treatment alongside ancient healing modalities and wisdom to help you get the most from your treatment.

If you’ve been through treatment before but haven’t found success, our approach may help you finally make a breakthrough. We utilize different therapy options, including behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, nutrition education, ecotherapy, expressive art therapies, couples and family therapy and more. 

Sunshine and Enjoyable Weather

The weather in Sedona is typically mild, with plenty of sunshine. Sunlight exposure plays a significant role in your mental well-being, which is essential to your recovery. Every additional hour spent outside in the sun helps decrease the risk of depression and can help people struggling with the condition. 

Depression and other conditions often co-occur with addiction. Finding a treatment center in Arizona that treats these co-occurring disorders is essential to ensure a successful recovery. Part of treating depression and anxiety includes encouraging positive habits, which include spending more time outdoors in the sun. Sedona, Arizona, is an excellent place for sunlight exposure since the desert environment offers plenty of natural light.

Escape From the Place Where Trauma Occurred

Traveling for rehab in Sedona lets you get away from the place where your addiction and trauma occurred. Often, seeking treatment in your hometown makes it impossible to escape triggers that make it harder to recover or can increase the risk of relapse.

Seeking treatment in Sedona allows you to escape places where you’ve experienced trauma, helping you focus on your treatment. Concentrating only on your recovery makes finding success and preventing a relapse easier. We will also work to equip you with the tools you need to reacclimate into your home environment in a way that supports your recovery efforts.

Privacy and Peace 

Many people seeking treatment often worry about judgment from their peers. One of the benefits of seeking treatment in Sedona is that you’re far from judgment, allowing you to recover in peace. 

The Sanctuary at Sedona offers a private environment and personal accommodations to recover from addiction and underlying conditions. You won’t have to worry about going home to your peers while you work through your struggles, helping you focus on healing your body, mind and soul. 

Addiction Treatment at The Sanctuary at Sedona

If you’re looking for an addiction treatment facility in Arizona, The Sanctuary at Sedona is one of the best. We focus on holistic treatment, giving you an alternative way to recover from addiction where other methods may have fallen short. We offer numerous therapies to help treat your body, mind and soul, helping you experience whole-body healing.

We also treat underlying conditions with dual diagnoses, such as depression and anxiety, which can contribute to addiction. We can help you overcome your addiction and improve your overall well-being so you can return to your life. Contact us today to request a call or learn more about our treatment options.

Addiction treatment at The Sanctuary

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