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Personalized NAD+ Therapy at The Sanctuary

At The Sanctuary, we realize recovery is a challenging journey, and you’ve already been through a lot by the time you reach us. That’s why we do our best to set you up for success – and that starts before treatment even begins. Our brain and body restoration program employs multiple components to help you get to baseline faster and jumpstart your recovery process. NAD+ therapy is one way we achieve that.

When you arrive at The Sanctuary, your first few days are spent adjusting to the quieter, more natural pace of life on our beautiful Sedona campus. This helps you switch out of fight-or-flight and calm your nervous system, so you can start to feel better in your body and more at ease with yourself. And along with time in nature and a restorative nutrition and supplement program, NAD+ can accelerate this adjustment period.

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is an important biomolecule that benefits all bodily tissues, systems and processes. We use it at The Sanctuary to help clients reduce physical symptoms that act as barriers to treatment, such as brain fog and post-acute withdrawal symptoms. This prepares you for the intensive work you’ll do in therapy. It also supports the changes you make as your body and brain discover new ways of being.

This journey is not just about what happens in treatment. It’s about creating a new you, and a new life. Let’s explore more about how NAD+ therapy can help with this.

What is NAD+ Therapy?

NAD+ is a substance that naturally occurs in your body. When nature comes up with something that works well, it uses it for a variety of things – and NAD+ is an example of that.

This biomolecule improves the efficiency of all of your bodily processes. Because of that, it’s very useful as a regenerative medicine – that is, a way to help the body regenerate itself much more quickly than it would on its own.

While NAD+ can benefit most people, it’s especially helpful for those in recovery.

How NAD+ Repairs Damage From Substance Abuse and Stress

Because of our modern lifestyles and food systems, most of us are unfortunately deficient in a variety of essential nutrients. As we age, experience stress and expose ourselves to toxicities in our environment, our natural supply of NAD+ decreases over time. And when we have less NAD+, the processes our body uses to heal and repair our cells doesn’t work as well as they should.

NAD+ is necessary for many functions in the body, including converting food into energy. It helps our cells metabolize the glucose and fatty acids in what we eat. It also supports your mitochondria, which power your cells’ biochemical reactions. Mitochondrial dysfunction is a common factor in numerous chronic degenerative diseases, including depression, anxiety, PTSD and addiction. Increasing your levels of NAD+, therefore, is an effective way to reduce these risks.

Anytime the body needs a boost in its healing functions, NAD+ can provide direct support. In the recovery journey, NAD+ helps by dramatically reducing the duration of withdrawal symptoms and cravings. And while it’s not a cure-all, it can definitely give clients in a wide array of circumstances a much-needed leg up.

Part of a Personalized Program 

While 30 days may seem like a long time to spend in rehab. But the reality is that recovery requires us to change long-held patterns and create a whole new lifestyle – and four weeks is an accelerated timeline to accomplish all of this. That’s why we optimize our program for progress. And one of the ways we do that is by customizing it entirely to your needs.

Your stay at The Sanctuary begins with a detailed intake and assessment with members of our medical, clinical and support teams. From there, we create a personalized treatment plan. We then continually calibrate this throughout your stay as we monitor your progress. Your clinical team coordinates daily so that in every one of your sessions, your therapist knows exactly where you are in your journey and how they can best serve you. You won’t waste time repeating the same work in different sessions. And we purposefully pace our program to deliver the right combination of intensive therapy work and downtime to integrate what you learn.

NAD+ and other nutritional IV therapies at The Sanctuary are no exception. Our team will work closely with you to determine if you’re an appropriate candidate for NAD+. If so, we’ll plan your treatment experience according to your unique set of needs.

Our Holistic, Integrated Process

While most NAD+ treatment takes place on an outpatient basis, nutritional IV therapies at The Sanctuary are fully integrated into our residential treatment program. We believe a program isn’t truly holistic if any part of the healing process is ignored. That’s why we place equal importance on the clinical, scientific, energetic, physical and nutritional aspects of care. We’ve seen how much faster clients recover with NAD+, and realize how important it is to offer this medicine as part of a complete healing process.

NAD+ therapy is just one example of how we apply cutting-edge science to achieve holistic wellness. At The Sanctuary, we help clients recover from addiction and trauma using epigenetics and neurogenesis to encourage positive brain change. This combined approach employs a variety of techniques. Our team of licensed medical professionals have intimate knowledge of holistic perspectives. Your NAD+ therapy is administered by a naturopathic doctor who specializes in regenerative medicine.

You’ll also learn, in depth, how this and other holistic therapies used in our program benefit you. We provide education on the science behind the healing modalities you participate in, so you can better understand and internalize your treatment experience. In addition to classes on psychoeducation and addiction science, you’ll also attend weekly workshops with a nutritionist as well as recovery skills coaching in our Be Recovered series.

The way all of these various treatment methods are purposefully woven together creates a synergy completely unique to us. Many clients come to us after years or even decades of going to therapy without seeing real progress. What makes their experience at The Sanctuary so transformational is the collective that forms their journey. And NAD+ therapy, for those who elect to receive it, can greatly support this process.

How it Works

NAD+ is nutritional medicine in its most potent form. By infusing it via IV, which allows you to get the most out of this treatment, we upregulate the essential processes in every cell of the body.

We take a careful approach to delivering NAD+, starting with low doses and adjusting according to your comfort level. Drips take place the relaxed environment of our on-campus IV clinic. And clients tend to start feeling better as soon as their session is done. Unlike pharmaceuticals which force natural processes in the body into submission, NAD+ carries no long-term negative side effects. We use this therapy to get people feeling and functioning their best as soon as possible.

The Healing Journey Starts Here

The healing journey you’ll embark on at The Sanctuary isn’t just about what happens in rehab. It’s about restoring your brain and body to health, and gaining the tools you need to live the life you truly, deeply desire. One client describes The Sanctuary’s program as:

“The best spiritual journey of my life… I don’t believe I would be ‘recovered’ without the Sanctuary experience.”

Another client reports:

“All Sanctuary people were absolutely 100% available and present. Any request was met and in a speedy fashion. Food was excellent, facility was clean and well managed, daily agendas were clear and concise. Overall just an amazing, wonderful place.”

Find out for yourself how transformative this journey can be – contact us today.

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Dr. Forrest is a licensed Naturopathic Physician specializing in retreat-style holistic medicine, natural detoxification and cleansing, mind/body medicine, and regenerative medicine. Dr. Forrest brings to his work a sense of humility, respect, and compassion that is too often absent in the sterile, rigid world of modern medicine. He is deeply honored and grateful to be continuing this work as part of the community and healing that is taking place at the Sanctuary. [email protected]