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Our Natural Ability to Overcome Addiction

The Western medical paradigm views addiction as a chronic disease. In this view, there is no hope of healing, only an unending program of symptom management. This sense of hopelessness alone is often enough to lead many into a destructive pattern of recovery and relapse. But when these deep issues are treated on an energetic level, the conditions precipitating addiction are addressed, causing the symptoms to fall away like frost in the sunlight. Our Natural Ability to Overcome Addiction

Addiction can be cured. In holistic models of healing, our full-spectrum health is understood to be a reflection of our subtle energy field. This energy field interacts with the larger quantum fields that connect all living beings in a single web. When we’re trapped in addiction, it’s because there are distortions in our field that limit our ability to take part in energetic wholeness. To free ourselves from addiction, healing has to happen at the fundamental level of energy.

Restoring Wholeness

Our journey of healing is one of self-discovery and transformation. Modern life offers an endless series of distractions and diversions. It’s too easy to lose connection to the richness of our inner world. Addiction happens when we become attached to something external as a means to provide temporary relief from inner ailments. Alcohol, opioids, prescription drugs: these substances can only provide an illusion of refuge.

The path to wellness leads you inward; it invites you to become reacquainted with the vast, spiritual terrain of your inner being. You realize again and again that everything influences everything else. There is no separation between you and the universe. Theoretical physicist David Bohm talked about all existence as “an unbroken wholeness.” Addiction is a fragmented state; holistic healing invites us to feel the warmth of inner light that we share with all creation.

Holistic Addiction Recovery

At The Sanctuary, our holistic healing program focuses on a health-centric life after addiction, not a disease-centric one. You aren’t doomed to live the rest of your life fearing relapse and ducking old triggers. On the contrary, full recovery from addiction gives you the green light to experience your life open-heartedly and explore positive relationships with the people around you.

Our therapists guide you through an integrative approach that takes into account every aspect of the unified energy field. Healing modalities such as Reiki, yoga, meditation, and holotropic breathing help you reconnect with the vital life force essential to your well-being. Even after the distortions in your energy field have been cleared, you can go on using these tools throughout every stage of your life.

Quantum Transformation

As the poet Rumi once said, “the wound is the place where the Light enters you”. Recovering from addiction offers us a powerful opportunity for personal growth and transformation. When we re-establish the connection between our energy body and the quantum energy fields of the universe, we experience healing in body, mind, and soul. Letting go of the past means that you can once more be fully engaged in the beauty of the present.

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